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  1. Kevin hart

    June 25, 2013 6:46 am

    This is fucking stupid shit jereme Rogers is a idiot and j.casanova is a poor excuse for a music artist


    July 29, 2013 3:09 pm

    he’s a pathetic joke and only little kids who don’t know shit about shit will care when he dies. and they’ll forget about his pointless waste of life 2 weeks after his pimply ass rots. i hope any person who actually LIKES him will find Allah or Christ or a older brother or some shit because he exemplifies what you DON’T WANT TO BE. there are kids out there who eat shit all day and everyday practicing to be good at skating. if they get pro maybe they can get their mom off drugs or their brother out of prison. this bitch brags about how easy it is and how he blows the money on dumb shit. SAVE PEOPLE BITCH, FEED KIDS BITCH. I HOPE TO GOD ONE OF THESE TWITTER TRANNIES SUCKS HIS PIMPLY CHODE. HIP HOP WAS PURE THEN IT GOT RAPED. JEREME THOUGHT, “HMM SKATING IS PURE TOO! MAYBE I CAN RUIN SKATEBOARDING AND RAP SINCE I RUINED MY BRAIN AT A YOUNG AGE AND BECAME A DELUSIONAL PUTRID EMBARRASSMENT TO HUMANITY. HE IS A SUB HUMAN HILL BILLY DEFORMED LOSER. KIDS NEED HUMBLE ROLL MODELS WHO MAKE GOOD DECISIONS AND REACT TO LIFE IN A COMMENDABLE WAY. J CASANOVA IS WHAT GOD PUT ON EARTH TO SHOW THE EXTENT OF HIS CREATION’S VANITY. TO HAVE ON DISPLAY TO THE WORLD IF YOU MAKE THE WRONG DECISIONS, YOU’LL NEVER BE WHAT YOU WISHED YOU’D BECOME. I HATE JEREME ROGERS. I GO ON YOUTUBE AND SEARCH FOR THE BIGGEST JOKES ON THE PLANET AND NEVER THOUGHT ID FIND ONE IN SKATEBOARDING. THIZZ OR DIE.

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