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Welcome back to another episode of “Okay, Last Try.” For the latest episode, we had the chance to meet the man who has his finger on the pulse of online skate gossip, Gifted Hater.

By now, you’ve probably come across a few of Gifted Hater’s videos on YouTube. If not, you can usually find him poking fun at the Berrics and their schemes, reviewing recent videos, or running through the most recent gossip in his segment “Hateline ABD.”

In this episode, we talked to Gifted Hater about YouTube fame, lame skate beef, and how much gatekeeping is the perfect amount of gatekeeping.

You can find all our previous episodes on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Podcasts. Give ’em a listen and a review if you have any thoughts. Let us know if we should cancel ourselves or not.

– Larry

Interview by: Larry Lanza & Elise Hedge
Produced and edited by: Alexis Castro
Music by: Rose Parade
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  1. @lockofdeath

    December 13, 2021 2:40 am

    My ears are now bleeding due to the guy who can’t skate things bigger then 6 stairs and the girl who used to have plugs

  2. shannon may

    December 16, 2021 7:18 pm

    call me old fashioned, but i miss the days where shit could just exist without kooks posting reaction videos, etc. no one gives a fuck what you think.

    shit went downhill the day that everyone starting believing that their opinion mattered. it doesn’t.

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