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Welcome back to another episode of “Okay, Last Try.” For the latest episode, we got to sit down and talk with one of Australia’s freshest faces, Adelaide Norris.

Adelaide may be new to most of you, but she’s filmed and edited her own videos and had parts in videos like Shari White’s Credits, Maximum Flow, and Vans’ latest collaborative full length Nice To See You. She is also Pass~Port’s newest team rider, so hopefully you can expect to see her in their next video project, too.

In this episode, we got to hear about Adelaide’s quarantine projects, meeting her biggest skate heroes and her camping experiences in Australia’s outback.

You can find all our previous episodes on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Podcasts. Give ’em a listen and a review if you have any thoughts. Let us know if we should cancel ourselves or not.

– Larry

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  1. YESSS

    February 25, 2022 3:49 pm

    YES! A very pro introduction of the guest too!

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