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In the grand scheme of things, only a few people are special enough to be featured on the cover of a magazine. And of those individuals, only one or two are special enough to have an entire magazine issue dedicated to them.

Fred Gall — known for saving Cambodian monks, landing amazing tricks while on drugs, and making horrible spots look great — is that kind of special.

The magazine, called Golden Hour, is the second installment of a project run by photographer Matt Price. This issue is an ode to the life and times of Sir Frederick of New Jersey, and contains everything from Fred blunt stalling Asian sculptures to doing coke at FDR skatepark.

Matt normally tries to find a sponsor or partner for each issue of Golden Hour, but finding a brand to put their logo on a magazine with a cover of Fred pissing in his mouth proved tricky.

That’s where we happily stepped up to the plate and got behind his vision, helping with some costs and helping produce the release party for it in our backyard, NYC.

To celebrate the launch, we invited all our friends from NY + NJ to witness large inappropriate photos of Fred, including large photocopies that he wrote on by hand, and got enough 40oz Colt 45s to get people in the classic Fred Gall spirit.

Buy a copy of the mag today or scroll through our crappy recap and try to piece together a bootleg copy from the background images, your choice.

Two of Fred’s long time friends: Andrew Petillo (left) filmed a lot of Fred over the years, and Brian Brown (right) is a fellow brown pants wearer. Should we do a Jenkem Ode to Brown Pants? Maybe…

Remember the days when you could just write “penis” on a desk at school and people would think you were cool? Gotta bring that back.

This photo’s just an excuse to give you a sneak peak at the book. Behind Matt Price and Fred you can see Fred ripping worms out of his bleeding neck or something, and to the right you can see Fred skating by a lovely ocean.

When Taji Ameen (right) and Sponsor Me kid (left) realized the skateboarding world would never be brave enough to actually sponsor them, they did the next best thing and sponsored themselves via the internet.

Now, Taji gets free botox injections and spray tans via his show 1 star reviews, and Jimmy John showers in Monster on his viraly Instagram. Dreams do come true.

You know you’ve attained “legend” status as a skateboarder when you’ve stopped putting out pro boards and video parts, but someone still asks you to sign a photo of yourself peeing into your own face.

Former Labor Skate Shop employee Adam Becerra was showing a proper pre-drunk hardbody stance while Dayday from Gang Corp testing the 40oz baby cradle.

Because Fred is working hard on his sobriety, we talked with him beforehand about whether or not we could supply booze to the crowd. He said he was fine with it and brought some close friends with him to make sure he stayed in line, and true to his word he was sucking down Perrier like Jason Dill.

We were on the fence about this pic of Fred’s former iPath teammate, Jon Newport until we noticed Fred in the background, deep throating a beer. Having one dude do the same thing as some other dude behind him? That’s just good art.

Kyota is already proving his skating abilities, but now he’s working on his ability to tolerate a bunch of older drunk people while he’s still underage. A crucial skill for any skater who wants to “make it big.”

We know this guy looks like Mac DeMarco but we swear he’s actually Andrew McCarthy (with his girlfriend Makayla), Matt Price’s partner in creating Golden Hour.

Just another day in LES for Dew Stacks from Gang Corp with a handful of crushed fronto.

Now that Jonathan Smith (left) will no longer be the Editor-in-Chief of VICE.com, he should follow after the olde timey explorer Mehring (right) and go discover some new continents and shit. We could always use more continents.

Everyone was so happy to support the culture by buying this magazine, and really, that’s the best thing you can do with your money nowadays, is buy a copy of this magazine, which is for sale right here.

Did we mention you can buy it? I don’t care if you already bought it. Buy it again.

Fucking buy it already! (Sorry, Matt made us write that. #ad #SponCon #MattKidnappedMe)

PS. 50% of the proceeds go directly to Fred Gall.

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  1. damn damn damn

    June 13, 2019 5:43 pm

    fuck i hate being stuck and broke in my shithole fake city. saving up for a copy though

  2. T.A.

    June 14, 2019 6:36 pm

    FRED GALL!!!

  3. Jesse/Chickenman

    June 26, 2019 8:13 pm

    Sober Fred?

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