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Nobody throws parties on a Sunday night, so that’s exactly why we did it. To celebrate our collaboration with Converse we crowded into a new bar in the LES called Lola and threw a party with friends and locals to celebrate on the lord’s day. Sure, a lot of people might have had to call out of work the next day (true story), but that just means you’ll remember it even more.

We would never usually say this, but this was probably our best party yet, with energy off the charts and a full-blown skate session / street party / riot afterwards that stopped traffic. While it was a nuisance to some (sorry neighbors!), it was unforgettable to all that attended.

Thank you to everyone who came out! If you are already sick of hearing about this shoe, then go enjoy this compilation of 411 VM commercials that our friends at Theories put together. And if you can’t enjoy that, then go back to sleep, wake up tomorrow, and try again.

PS. If you want to lurk all 110 raw film photos taken from the night you can peep them all here.

Luke Malaney (left) and Black Dave (right, obviously) are both east coasters, but one of them grew up in NY/NJ while the other grew up in a state known for having alligators and swamps. We’ll let you draw the connections.

The venue had two or three rooms that got progressively louder and sweatier the farther you ventured into the party. This was about level two sweatiness, while level three was straight Gershon.

Depending on when you’re reading this, you’re either extremely frustrated at the guy on the right or extremely hyped on him. Either way, just know that our party had nothing to do with Verso‘s delay.

We tried to show off the shoe in a couple of ways at the event, the most obvious being the stack of TVs in the corner displaying some promo shots. After all the work you do to discreetly try and display the shoes, I think this is the only one that people may have actually remembered.

The “Look Alive” sign in the back may seem like just a nonsensical phrase, but it’s actually a nonsensical phrase we started using to egg people on to continue partying or to do something sketchy. We got so stupidly hyped on it that we put it on the shoes’ tongues.

Can you even call it a mullet when there’s such little business in the front and so much party in the back? It’s more like a mullet that never even planned on showing up to work.

The venue was thrilled when the entire backroom started to “champagne” their beers. Skateboarders are nothing if not inventive.

As much as film photogs don’t wanna admit it, taking photos on film involves a lot of luck, and you really never know how your shots are going to turn out until you get them back from the lab. For every roll you get back (with 24 or 36 shots) you may get one that looks stunning and beautiful and worth paying for the entire roll. This is that shot.

In addition to working on her flatground, Briana continues hosting these pretty epic meet ups in different cities to encourage more women and queer skaters to come out and skate. Beats re-watching that Tony Hawk Trick Tips video over and over again.

Crowded parties suck when you don’t drink and the music is all 19-year-old rappers you’ve never heard of. Eli was brave and came thru for a bit, even though we never got to drop a dancehall set for him to unleash his Jamaican inspired moves.

Sending a photo incentive invoice to HUF now for the unplanned ad placement of Budweiser beers with the HUF x Budweiser collabo bag. And that is how you pay the bills.

There’s so many people to thank for making this shoe and release party happen. Mac Shafer (left), who was featured in Vol. 2, shot all the photos for the shoe campaign, so please high five him if you see him.

It’s not a legit party unless there’s an additional mini party/crowd of drunk people yelling right outside the venue.

The shoes out in the wild. We normally wouldn’t slam another shoe photo down your throats but this back angle shows off the 3M pretty well and, fuck it, we worked hard as hell to make this all happen and are proud of it. Thanks for being patient with us over the last week as content has been slow, we’re back in the tank now, so expect more very very soon : )

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  1. Sanjay

    September 26, 2019 12:26 pm

    When a bunch of drunks fuck up your car, does the taxi company pay for it, or is the driver responsible?

  2. gubblebum bunions

    September 26, 2019 12:56 pm

    zo nex flone

  3. zach slurp

    September 26, 2019 2:11 pm

    awesome commentary – awesome dropbox folder – finally legibly able to read what that neon sign said : )

  4. film advocate

    September 26, 2019 3:18 pm

    nice shots! film just looks better.

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