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Event season is winding down and soon we’ll all have to go back to our uneventful weekends skating our local park, waiting for the next big skate event to roll into town. Luckily, Palace hit us with a big one to spike our blood sugar back up, premiering their newest video Beta Blockers relatively unannounced at Angelika Film Center in SoHo.

Despite the momentous occasion and the video’s proper 40 minute runtime, the event felt pretty intimate by NYC standards, so we’ll consider ourselves lucky for being part of the mix. A swanky and historic theater, a pro part from Shawn Powers, and an after party at a divey SoHo bar was a good formula for a pretty rad Tuesday night.

I find this photo a lot funnier if I imagine the Barbie movie is about to come on and a bunch of grimy skaters are going to learn the concept of patriarchy for the first time. Come on Margot! Do a kickflip!

Here’s a list of thoughts that probably went through Jahmir Brown’s head this night: “Where am I? My throats dry. Why is this dude taking a photo of me? Damn, wait, that’s me on the screen.”

You never want to offend the good homie, so signs like these are always going to cause a stir. But maybe it can save you from having to utter the classic “You weren’t even on the fucking team… You delusional fuck…

Big smiles from Beatrice and company. It’s good to see Beatrice kicking back and relaxing after her pro-shoe release. I imagine those feet are tired even in the UltraCush she’s pushing.

If you grew up skating in the 90s you not only know who this is but at some point probably wanted to be him. Leo Fitzpatrick ladies and gentlemen, AKA Telly from Larry Clark’s cult classic film Kids.

He’s a little cropped out, but if you look closely, you can see the guy on the right is looking a bit concerned here. Wanna know why? He saw Father Bop charging at Big Hen Dawg with another acoustic guitar, ready to strike again.

I’m not going to say I would cross to the other side of the street if I was walking alone and saw these two posted up late at night, but I probably would.

Here’s Shawn Powers signing Shawn Powers on a Shawn Powers pro board featuring art by Shawn Powers. Hell yeah! Congratulations, Shawn Powers!

I’ve always loved the concept of darts in a bar. Yeah, let’s give a bunch of drunk patrons projectiles with needles on the end and expect them to hit little targets. What could go wrong? Although, Danny Brady was pretty on point.

Fan favorite Kanin Garner stepped out as fly as ever and swapped his old security uniform for a fresh Palace jersey and a crisp hundo. Make sure to check out his part for some more style inspo.

Vintage Harry Potter tee. Fresh Air Maxes. Pinky ring. There’s just no way Father Bop didn’t run this table all night. How can you miss with a fit so fresh?

From the looks of the table, whoever’s shooting solids is putting on a show, and judging by the looks of the venue that $5 win is going to buy one of the crispiest High Life’s of the night.

Check out Pat Hoblin showing off the correct way to balance business and pleasure. You can’t tell by his relaxed demeanor, but he’s actually on a business call regarding a new model of pants featuring a 40-inch leg opening. Baggy is better, baby.

By now we’ve all seen that guy in the city riding his bike around balancing random shit on his head. First, it was a tire, then a flat screen tv, and finally an entire NYC street trashcan.

It’s a skill I can only imagine is hard to master, but it looks like Noah is well on his way.

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  1. Tino

    August 23, 2023 7:48 am

    Kanin Garner looks like hes rocking some Jnco jeans with his Palace jersey.

  2. Levent Tanju

    August 29, 2023 3:16 am

    palace for whacks

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