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I’m sure we both agree on something – you are sick of reading about the winter, and we are sick of writing about it. It must be weird to live somewhere constantly warm, and just listen to people complain about snow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for about 5 months. Maybe I’ll move to Cali and eventually find out what that’s like. I’m just afraid of going soft. Not “going soft” like limp dick, heat of the moment soft. I’m talking about getting too used to the Goodlife™. You know, waking up, walking outside, 76 degrees, grabbing an organic smoothie. It seems like the gateway drug that leads to things like sandals, oakley sunglasses and longboards.

Anyway, with the demise of winter, our last official Skate Night ended last week, going out with a performance by Black Dave and homies skating and drinking the winter blues away. I want to thank everyone that came out every Thursday that made it fun and KCDC, NYSkateboarding, Zoo York, Western Digital, Coda, Redbull and PBR for making it all possible.


Smooth operator Joseph Delgado had a really rad part in the new Bronze video, “Trust”. Maybe that’s the secret to getting chicks, like this pretty lil’ Asian girl he’s with.


I’m not exactly sure when or how PBR became the unofficial beer of choice for skateboarders / artists / hipster people everywhere, but whoever is in charge of their marketing did a pretty good job.


Doing anything upside down is hard. Inverts on your skateboard are no exception.


There’s a lot of beer drinking, hanging out and smoking at Skate Night but there’s also a lot of people who skate hard and some that even go into “demo mode”. Exhibit A: Blunting in temperatures >20 degrees.


I really appreciate the style on this one. Honestly curious to how those Nike “Skate Free” shoes he’s wearing skate too. Ripped Laces where the review at?


Holding down the vinyl in freezing temperatures – nothing a pair of Technics 1200s can’t handle.


This guy clearly going for the Jamie Thomas approach to motivating his riders and filming.


The man, Leo Heinert holding it down with the t-shirt ninja mask. If you don’t know how to do it, you should, it’s a nice easy fix for any 2 minute halloween costume or facemask for winter, burglar disguise.. etc.


Serious question: Is camo still trendy? Is it always trendy?


Possibly inspired by the presence of Erik “switch fronstside flip the double-set at LES” Ellington, this kid got one in.

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Photography: Ray Llanos & Chris Miller.
Dumb captions: James Lee
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  1. Mat

    March 10, 2015 8:55 am

    “You know, waking up, walking outside, 76 degrees, grabbing an organic smoothie. It seems like the gateway drug that leads to things like sandals, oakley sunglasses and longboards.”

    As someone who lives in the Great White North and deals with winter, this quote made me laugh.

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