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Ever wonder if you could put your apartment into an art gallery? Well, last week Bill Strobeck did just that at Milk Studios, so we stopped by on the opening night party to check it out.

The exhibition, called “My Lovely Mess,” is like a museum of Bill’s apartment, complete with floor to ceiling print outs of photos taken at his place and a life-size replica of what looked to be his living room.

Walking into it almost felt like walking onto the set of Seinfeld, with his iconic background you see on Instagram perfectly recreated for you to pose in front of.

Here’s a couple photos to give you an idea of how it feels to (sort of) visit Bill’s apartment, and a nice reminder that, when you need it, your floor can always be your biggest shelf.

Taking a photo in front of the photo of Bill’s old wall, hung on a remade version of Bill’s new wall, is like getting a photo with Times Square Elmo. You know it’s fake, but you don’t care.

King (right) was probably the youngest person there to have his own “wall photo,” although that still didn’t make him young enough for the free wine. Guess he’ll have to stick with the current trend of eating vape pods.

Pretty sure these guys thought they were taking a photo in Bill’s actual apartment, but we didn’t have the heart to tell them otherwise. Party on, Wayne.

For all of Tyshawn’s accolades, I think the Black Power fist logo for his brand Hardies has been under appreciated. I don’t know of any other hardware brand in the past decade that’s made the hardware itself look so fun again.

You may think Paulgar (filmer, photographer, and brother of other good-nickname-haver, Brengar) wore a full suit to dress up for the party, but this is his regular wardrobe. Just his way of showing kids that hanging out with skateboarders in New York long enough can actually pay off.

Skateboarding may give you many gifts (fun, medium-speed transportation, friends, free clothing) but one thing it will never give you is good dental insurance.

It’s one thing to bring a flask of extremely mediocre tequila to a party, but entirely next level when you sneak in a pouch full of limes to round off the bite. Touché.

Couldn’t think of a caption for this one, so if you think of one, leave it in the comments below. We’ll pick our favorite and send you exactly one bag of air with one single Jenkem™ sticker.

It’s nice when people who don’t skate want to show off their tricks to skateboarders, but balancing an empty cup on your head isn’t that impressive. You could at least stack like, two empty cups on your head.

Whenever we go to events where we’re shooting photos, there’s usually an awkward little moment where we run into the official event photographers, who have way better cameras and press passes and lighting assistants, and they wonder what the hell we’re doing with a point and shoot that doesn’t stay in focus. Love these moments!

It was kind of interesting to see all the outtakes/b-rolls of Bill’s wall photos. It’s sort of like the “raw clips” that come out after a skate video, only with a lot more sexually suggestive posing.

It’s nice to see thousands of dollars worth of DJ equipment obviated by an iPad, the same way a lot of skate media was choke slammed by Instagram. Technology: one day it’ll kill you too.

We realize that taking a photo of Beatrice Domond in front of a wall of photos where she might be featured in a photo against a different wall is a little confusing. But reading these captions, like skating, is best done without trying to think too hard.

Any art show in NYC has noticeable “cool guy” energy in the room, so it was nice to see some of Gang Corp‘s executives cut the vibe with Olde English malt liquor.

When the art kicks in.

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  1. hmm

    November 7, 2019 1:12 pm

    fuck billy’s shitty filming

  2. Streethassler

    November 8, 2019 2:08 pm

    “I wonder if they know it’s Dylan’s Jenkem mix?”
    – Sean Pablo

  3. James Lee's Mother

    November 8, 2019 5:08 pm

  4. Jeff koppleman @shredtown89

    November 9, 2019 9:57 am

    Yo check out my grip art on insta @shredtown89

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