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A couple of weeks ago Adidas asked us if we wanted to be involved in Das Days NYC – a full week of Adidas events, parties, Jaeger shots, and skate jams across NYC. Never one to say no to an open bar, we hit them with that “ok sounds good” text and ended up fully producing City Copa – a giant skate jam with surprise pop-up skate obstacles across New York, Williamsburg and LES.

With no permits or rules, the event was like an illegal skate safari: hitting makeshift spots, wearing dumb hats, and paying children to huck over inflatable alligators. And just to make it more hectic, we asked our friends Fred Gall and Weckingball to be our nomadic leaders a.k.a. chief trash talkers.

Lucky for us it all worked out (it always does) and cops only showed up at the very end, when we were lighting stuff on fire and generally being rowdy (and deserving) morons. We hope everyone who came had a good time witnessing some proper skating and light degeneracy, and if you didn’t, well… there’s always next year.

Special thanks to KCDC & Labor for helping to bring their crews & get this one out there too.

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  1. Chickenman

    July 24, 2018 11:50 am

    Fuck NYC. Instead of reporting on your own over indulgent douchenozzle scene check out what’s really happening in the North central New England including parks being torn down left and right and everyone flocking to the cities to play into their on self hating hipster dipster wet dreams. What happend to the everyday blue collar skater? Your all killing them slowly with a sweeping plague of narcissm that in time will give rebirth to a new purity and thought process of what skateboarding used to be and will be again. So have at it. Worships alcoholoics and douchebags. Take it from me,it won’t get you very far. Here’s another heineken Freddy!,did you get that selfie with wrecking ball? Damn that color way is mad rare. Disclaimer: This is a lonely rant and I support Jenkem and Jenkem staff fully.

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