January 17, 2024/ / VIDEOS/ Comments: 1

A couple of weeks ago Asics hit us up (cats out the bag, we’re working with them) letting us know that two of their Japanese riders, brothers Takuya and Yuta Ishizuka, would be visiting New York City. Seeing that these two have never been to the city we figured who better to show them around than us.

While we scribbled down must-see spots, we gathered a crew of local Asics friends, including Evan Wasser, Kyota Umeki, and Joey Marrone, and geared up for tour guide mode.

Follow along through the city with this eclectic crew as we gawk at the Statue of Liberty, learn the ins and outs of Google Translate, visit Gino Iannucci at his pastry shop, and see what these guys who are built for the overseas marble mecca could do with the dilapidated streets of the city.

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  1. Yuto Hornygome

    January 17, 2024 7:21 pm

    “Better than a Street League trophy” 🤘

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