August 3, 2023/ & / VIDEOS

Akwasí Owusu is a name that perhaps to most is still unknown, but maybe you caught a glimpse of his dumpster-bashing wallride wizardry featured in the latest Sci-Fi Fantasy video.

We’ve seen other glimmers from him here and there, but now he’s been fully introduced to the world following his part in ASICS’ inaugural video. We’d argue that his career is just getting started, so we wanted to link with him to find out what he gets up to in his downtime and in between video projects.

He was recently on a trip to New York, so we decided to show him around a few funky spots that were up his alley and talk a bit about his creative side too. As you might know, Akwasí makes all different types of visual art, from jewelry, to candles, and sculptures crafted from various materials, so we pushed through Manhattan skating odd spots and ended up at the Met for some ancient inspiration.

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