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Have you ever noticed that the more time spent street skating the more unsolicited “knowledge” you hear from pedestrians? Here’s one I was told once. “Your network is your net worth.”

I hate it because it sounds like something a LinkedIn executive would say, but I also can’t deny its truth. We at Jenkem are only as good as the friends we have, and it’s for that reason we get excited to see friends do cool shit.

Sam Zentner is a prime example of a friend doing cool shit, and his latest video “Chrome Zone” is the best thing since that Hinge date I had a few weeks ago (home-run baby). The soundtrack is Chefs Kiss, the spots aren’t boring (shots fired at a lot of NYC footy), and we finally get to see Steve-O learn about the Sea of Thieves.

Join us in supporting Sam and the perfectly wrapped present he’s gifted us all a few weeks before the holidays. Also, check out “Chrome Question Zone” *patent pending* with Sam down below as well as some behind the scenes photos from the filming of the video.


If you could film any historical event what would it be?
I wouldn’t mind getting some clips of however they built the pyramids.

Which takes more hand-eye coordination, painting or filming?
I’d imagine painting. You can get away with a lot of inaccuracies filming.

When you meet a girl do you tell them you’re an “artist”, “filmer” or a combination of both?
Filmer certainly sounds less pretentious.

Who would be on your filmer Mt. Rushmore
French Fred, 2000’s Bill Strobeck, Dan Wolfe, Ian Reid, and Christopher Doyle (non skate).

Overrated or underrated, New York skateboarding.
I’d say underrated as long as you’re using the whole city.

What’s a trick or trope in skating you’re tired of filming?
I enjoy a beer as much as the next guy but I don’t think it needs too much screen time.

What’s your deli order, including bev?
Turkey and pepper jack on a roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo (chipotle mayo if they got it). If I’m really feeling sinister I’ll even say extra mayo. Lemon lime Canada Dry seltzer for bev, and if they have those tiny 25 cent Reese’s cups at the register maybe three or four of those.

What’s with the “Nice to meet you, I’m an artist” people and NYC videos?
I guess NYC just has a lot of people excited about their art.

Which borough has the best spots?
Staten Island, I urge you all to go there every weekend.

Be honest, who put you on to the Gary Stewart song?
Ty [Beall] suggested that one, he’s got an ear for the country bangers.

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  1. HR

    November 27, 2023 5:45 pm

    This edit checks all the boxes ✅

  2. its a banger but

    November 28, 2023 7:45 am

    that Gary stewart song was in the baghead Satan video earlier this year boys.

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