March 10, 2023/ / VIDEOS

Ian Ostrowski is the mastermind behind the Genesis series, and a friend of Jenkem who has helped us out tremendously over the last few years, and today, he dropped his latest video, Genesis 3.

At the risk of sounding too grandiose (and old), Genesis 3 feels like a love letter to young adulthood. It transports you to that time in your life when you think the best times you’ll ever have are here and now. And as you’re watching this video, I’m sure you’ll wish your younger years are/were filled with friendships and experiences like the ones captured in Genesis 3.

A lot of big-budget videos by major brands fail because they try to forcefully capture fabricated relationships and personalities on camera, and people can see right through it all, but Genesis 3 is filled with genuine connection, trust and nails that perfect ratio of hijinx to bangers.

As people always say, a good skate video is supposed to make you want to go out and skate, and this one will do just that, but it will also remind you that it’s way more fulfilling when you’re doing it in good company.

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