January 9, 2023/ / VIDEOS

The Genesis crew out of Seattle has slowly become part of the Jenkem family over the past couple of years. Genny, as their fans lovingly refer to them, is made up of a bunch of quality humans who have actually helped us out in producing site content over the years. As a small token of our appreciation, we’re down to keep supporting them in whatever they pursue in return.

To give the Genny crew another avenue to share their skating with the world, we approached head honcho Ian Ostrowski about filming a recurring segment for the site to satiate the viewers while he works on the long-awaited Genesis 3 (which will be coming very soon, he promised). The end result was this series, dubbed “G-FILES.”

This is just a peek into the Genesis world, so watch as they fly around the country, laugh their asses off, and stack impressive clips. Keep an eye out for more episodes in the near future, and let us know what guest skater they should throw in the van for the next episode.


Dylan Clark
Caden Smith
Jasper Levine
Xavier Holte
Alex Lobasyuk
Nacho Ponce
Tim Hogan
Rafi Dadd
KJ Phanissay
Jacob Ball
Darrian Williams
Cass Lopez
Bao Nguyen
Levi Hirose
TJ Robinson
Kam Loveless
Troy Gipson
Pepe Betancourt

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