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I’ve always wondered how people who live in Las Vegas get anything done. There are endless temptations surrounding you, like casinos, strip clubs, and boatloads of drugs, and it’s always hot as shit. I imagine living there is pretty much exactly how it seems in Casino and Fear And Loathing…, so when Earthers co-captain Jake Keenan told us he wanted to get the crew there for the next Earthers episode, I was surprised. I couldn’t wait to see what footage they could scrounge together between the blackjack games and lap dances.

They managed to find their fair share of gold, ranging from some crusty ditches to mucky abandoned pools, all located in the middle of nowhere. This time around, Jake and his crew had reinforcements from the OJ Wheels camp, with Jake Wooten, Alex Foy and friends coming along on the ride.

Everyone made it out alive without any heatstroke incidents, bombing attempts, or destroyed hotel rooms to speak of, so maybe we’ll add Vegas to our list of skate destinations to revisit for future segments.


Jake Keenan
Jake Wooten
Mike Dominguez
Alex Foy
Tyler Collins
John Worthington
Elias Parise
Dean Kubasek

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  1. Medicaid Runtz

    July 13, 2021 2:45 pm

    Heard one time Jake skated a normal spot. But that turned out to be a lie.

  2. las vegas skater

    July 13, 2021 9:20 pm

    U wondered how any las vegas skater gets anything done…. they dont..

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