All of us at one point in time have neglected our responsibilities and pushed the nerve-racking thoughts to the back of our heads while we zone out and watch skateboarding.

So today, while we all patiently wait for the antiquated American voting system to play out, we decided to put together a list of video parts that bring us some type of joy or pleasure (inspired by this on-going Slap thread).

Not all of these videos are necessarily “the best” but because of the skater’s attitude or trick selection, the song and editing style, the camera it was filmed on, or even the time period it’s from, these parts help our bodies release the last of the endorphins and serotonin our brain has left.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, disheartened, or you’re in the middle of a bad shroom trip, take a peek at some of these parts.

Who knows, maybe all you needed was a Louie and Jerry part to cheer you up.


This part has it all. Backstreet Boys, backflips, and breakdancing all squished into this ultimate feel-good bro part. Twenty years later and there still hasn’t been a vert part that could keep my attention quite like watching Sluggo do a backflip to fakie right after he performs his gymnastics floor routine.

While everything around us right now seems so grim, this part is the perfect reminder that skating is something that we never have to take seriously.



The sound of his wheels and “Bitter Sweet Symphony” merging at the beginning has always worked like a Xanax to me, it just puts me in a calm place. To me, this part represents something I lost and then got back. Like that feeling when you think you lost your phone but find it after six hours of searching. The king had returned.

Thomas Barker


I know that any part that opens with a giant Monster Energy logo is instantly off-putting, but hear me out. I used to put Shane O’Neill (AKA Zigram23) and Beach House into the “guilty pleasure” camp but eventually accepted that both are actually just good and there’s no reason to not enjoy them proudly.

The pairing of the song, which is uplifting and joyous (even if a little cheesy), and Shane’s skating captured via VX, makes for a blissful combo. If you’re a Shane naysayer and think his skating is too robotic, whatever firmware he was running here makes for his most uplifting and human performance yet.

Alexis Castro


Watching Simon’s skating is unreal. He transforms non-spots into the perfect platform for his skate wizardry, which always looks as fun as it does technical. The “Dancing Queen” song choice really helps set the mood and lets you know you’re in for a part that’ll urge you to live a little, and maybe even do crazy things like ride your board through a fountain. Put this one on and prepare to hit rewind a bunch of times throughout.

Alexis Castro


This one is all about having a good time with your friends, skating the same spots together, not worrying if this trick you’re doing is cool or not.

Shari White


Two minutes of whimsical editing and animations set to Belle & Sebastian, and you knew exactly what to expect of Blueprint’s Lost and Found: a quintessentially British skate video, outrageously different from anything else in skateboard media at the time and the exact inspiration fifteen-year-old me needed when I downloaded the file off LimeWire in 2006.

Nick Jensen’s part is triumphant, it’s defiantly emotional, and yes, it’s a little overdone, but everything about it still comes together in perfect harmony.

Fourteen years later and it reminds me of being young, finding unexpected inspiration during a bleak time, and just about everything I love about skateboarding. Most importantly, I still get chills every time I see that nollie frontside flip at South Bank. “GET ME?”

Andrew Murrell


I watched Palasonic at least once a week after it first dropped back in 2017. Once that obsession wore off, I found myself returning to Jamal Smith and Lucas Puig’s shared part in the middle of the video. Jamal’s skating is so fun. I don’t know how he doesn’t get nauseous doing big spin variations. Also, soundtracking this part to one of the best UK Garage tracks of all time was a brilliant move. Gets me dancing in the living room every. damn. time.

Patrick Kigongo


Due to the demands of being a company owner, designer, yogi, surfer, DJ, and budding musician Alex Olson has become an increasingly elusive figure in the game. In other words, adulthood happened. But his skating in SWOOSH serves as a reminder of simpler times; back when our guy was on trips and stacking clips. And the decaying synths of Kim Carnes’- Betty Davis Eyes in the background evoke a nostalgia for the days when life’s only setting was “Maximum Chill.”

Patrick Kigongo


Jamie is the most serious person I’ve ever met so seeing him do “dork tricks” skating to Master P always makes me happy. No matter how serious you take your craft, taking some time to enjoy it like a little kid again can remind you of why you skateboard, why you live. Put on some flair and go try no-comply pressure flip manny no-comply pressure flip out. It’s impossible but at least it will put a smile on your face. Hoody Hoo!

Thomas Barker


  1. Armin Halvadžić

    November 5, 2020 5:11 pm

    Andrew Reynolds – Stay Gold ?
    I put that shit on when I’m working out.
    When it first came out…I cried…from joy and inspiration.

  2. Chris Lawton

    November 5, 2020 5:37 pm

    I love the Nick Jensen part every bit as much as the next bleeding heart brit, but I regret to inform y’all that Nick’s song is by the significantly less cool Travis, and not Belle & Sebastian.
    An evil trick Magee played on all of us

  3. Brown Paper Bag Virtual Magazine

    November 5, 2020 9:05 pm

    Chris Milic – It’s a Secret
    Rick Fabro – Everybodies Clown (DOOMSAYERS VIDEO)
    Darren Navarette – My Neighbors Board
    Ryan Reyes Chris Milic – Welcome to Krux

  4. Steve Hill

    November 6, 2020 7:50 am

    William Patrick’s part in Almost Round 3


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