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You probably saw that last week, Bam Margera threw a house party at his Westchester, PA house (a.k.a. Castle Bam). With little security and even less planning, anyone and everyone was invited via Bam’s 1.7 million follower Instagram. With little idea of what would actually go down (or if Ape & Phil would try and put a stop to the event) we packed inside a rental car the day before and drove out to see the shitshow firsthand.

At least 2,000 people showed up for the all-day / all-night event, which ended up being like a mini Bam festival: Pies of pizza, kegs of beer, constant skating, random tweakers and everyone taking selfies with the Heartagram Lambo. But instead of the crowd being divided into coolguys and nerds, it was a throwback mix of MTV era skate fans & skaters, Juggalos, and local backwood hicks. A real 21-century melting pot, some might say.

Scroll on to gawk at the locals, and if anyone knows the Juggalos who helped push our car out of the mud, give ’em a “Whoop WHOOP!” for us.

Danny Way came through to help Bam tweak the trajectory for the next time he launches a golden dildo at his butt.

Guy was so stoked on Phil Margera signing his Fallen Footwear weed hat that he forgot to brush his teeth… ever.

Andy Roy whipped out his cheeks unprompted and people lost their minds.

Most attendees were local die hard Bam stans who brought untouched decks from their garages to get signed.

After Castle Bam is officially listed on AirBnB, I’ll be looking forward to people filming a porno on the little couch under the giant metal heartagram. Ape’s gonna be pissed!

This guy said jeans today are too tight on the nuts, and that he already feels his nuts in these wide-legged JNCOS. If your nuts feel cramped inside a pair of JNCOs you must have some huge nuts. Tweak on, brother.

West Chester PA’s finest.

A true lifer.

You know your shits off the rails when Andy Roy becomes the voice of reason at your party.

The original purpose of Bam’s party was to raise money and tear down the ramps in his barn so he could rebuild the skatepark. Here’s everyone standing around instead, waiting for the band to play. Classic!

Skate Brands! If your team signings feel a little lackluster, take our advice and hire Uncle Freddy. Just don’t sue us if he spray paints a kid’s face. That one’s on you.

The night ended with a cozy Christmas tree fire that quickly turned into a burn everything in sight fire till the early AM. Whoop WHOOP!

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  1. Vance R

    December 29, 2018 12:03 am

    Reminds me of Jessie’s parties on Breaking Bad S4. Sad. Hope he grows up real soon for the sake of his child.

  2. Michele Lewis

    December 29, 2018 10:25 am


  3. Julia

    December 29, 2018 10:26 am

    You know what negative people…. Not everybody is a tight ass up tight grouchy work 24/7 365 type douche dick. I am 52 years old and if I would have knew about this party I would have been there! little FYI … I have a career I make money and I could do whatever I want just like bam!!… we are Rebels ! if you don’t know about his world don’t comment on it and if you don’t like him. then why are you on here? Go sit at your desks on the phone 24/7 ignoring your family thinking that money is the only important thing in your life. Or hate on somebody else because you don’t live his life and you’re jealous. Yes I’m talking to you…. you negative nancys are one of the other of these things it’s pretty obvious you’re not in this Realm. So fuck off basically.

  4. Pedro

    December 29, 2018 10:48 am

    why people insist in being so mean by no reasons?!? stfu annoying modafuckas!!! 8-) BAM THE GRIEF PROCESS IS RUDE, KEEP MOVIN…

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