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While great skate video makers usually have a tendency to put out gradually more bland and overly polished work as they become more established (ex: Ty Evans’ Chomp on This to Ty Evans’ Big Flat Earth Theory), Peter Sidlauskas, one of the the sickos behind Bronze 56k, doesn’t seem like he’s going mainstream anytime soon.

His new video, Its Time (no relation to Circa’s It’s Time), which premiered last weekend in Bushwick, is heavily-layered with computers talking about drugs, infomercial highlights, and sketchy visual effects that no film school would ever advocate using.

Peter’s come a long way from humping the microwave in his basement, but not so far that he lost sight of what makes people love him: making 3XLong jeans and taking out full-page magazine ads that just say “Fuck You.”

The premiere was so cramped that a lot of people ended up not even being able to get into the room where the video was playing. But that kind of extreme exclusivity just makes people like a skate video more.

Think about it, would you rather be the last person to watch a really good skate video, or the first person to watch some never before seen footage of Gino Iannucci taking a dump?

It’s usually a Chinese guy bootlegging the videos but since the DVD market crashed fans are forced to film it themselves and leak it on Pornhub.

Dr. Z was obeying the rule of sleeves: anything that looks good with sleeves looks 100x better without sleeves. Now you know why they call him Doctor. ‘Cause he’s mad dumb smart.

Someone asked these kids on CitiBikes if they were part of the @citibikeboyz crew, but sadly they were just some bougie East Villagers. Hopefully one of those CitiBMXers kickflips a bike and becomes the first person to go pro for a bank. No more ATM fees, baby!

Brian Panebianco (right) came through from Philly to get inspired for his next full-length, now that Love Park is dead. Maybe he can give all the Sabotage skaters DMT and see if we can resurrect Love by hallucinating it back into reality.

Life hack: the best way to watch the premiere is standing on your board atop an open cooler. That way you get both the *rare* views and a monopoly over beer, the only currency that matters among skateboarders.

Jerry Mraz took a quick break from bondoing cracks to check out the premiere. Fact: Jerry’s New York Mets hat started out blue, but turned brown over years of making New York’s roughest spots smooth enough for east coasters to skate but still rough enough to bum out visiting Californians. Thanks Jerry!

After the video everyone went onto the roof to socialize* and enjoy the view**.

*get black out drunk
**watch every Instagram Story ever

Recent Date A Sk8er alumni Chachi Maserati showcased his signature double middle finger hand style. A gentleman and a scholar. Top notch!

I used to think puffy jackets were cool when P Diddy wore them to go indoor skydiving, until I heard someone call them “trash bag coats” and never got over that. But Shawn Powers changed my mind when he explained how many lobsters he could fit in the zipper pouch on his coat.

Dew Stacks of Gang Corp and Kevin Tierney squadded up with Emilio Cuilan (DANY filmer) for a squad pic. Despite his consistent knee problems and fluctuating sponsor situation, Kevin surprised everyone with a couple NBDs at staple NYC spots. But, uh, that hat is looking rough.

If you want a bunch of strangers to feel comfortable on camera (and you ran out of beer), just put a cute girl behind the lens. That’s why for the next Raspa’s Tapes we’re dressing him in a wig and changing his name to Raspatina. Genius!

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  1. confused

    October 22, 2018 12:19 pm

    I’m super out of touch. I always thought it was cool to just be friendly and stuff, but the bronze people make it seem like all you need is fancy clothes and a personality built around inside jokes. but they seem to be having a good time. that’s good.

  2. Jonas Hill

    October 23, 2018 4:12 pm

    Bizarro Vincent Alvaraez on second to last photo!

  3. Vomitlandscapes

    October 26, 2018 8:52 am

    Gas huffers unite

  4. Neil Nice

    October 30, 2018 10:48 pm

    Sick brand… sick video!!!

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