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Anyone with a couple of braincells knows that hardware in skateboarding has always been a bit of a gimmick. A screw is a screw, a nut is a nut.. (giggity) But because the product itself is pretty basic, the marketing and branding of these items has been epic. Just look at Shorty’s, Bronze, or Black Magic. Some of the best feeling / branded companies in skateboarding that all started selling department store hardware and sandpaper.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Hardies will follow that trajectory of cult hardware companies – with Tyshawn and Nakel masterminding it, and Adidas putting their muscle behind it early on, I think we’ll be seeing these little bolts around for a time (even if they don’t come with that cool little fist on top).


Remember when DJ battling was a thing? Growing up I’d watch VHS bootleg tapes of DMC battles with my brother, dudes would string together vinyl sets and do crazy tricks to hype up the crowd. My favorite’s were DJ Swamp because he lit the turntable on fire during his set, and DJ Rectangle cause he did crazy ass scratches and other white boy on adderall style moves. If you are interested in this shit, check out this clip of A-Trak winning before he even got pubes. He’s like the Guy Mariano of turntablism.


To the right is Ty Lyons, he discovered Tyshawn skating a spot downtown and offered to flow him boards from the very beginning at Supreme. My mentor in skateboarding was my friend Chris K. Today, Chris doesn’t skate, but he taught me some other (less useful) things that have shaped my life – where to find the best porn, how to smoke weed, and the smooth metallic taste of a Steel Reserve tall boy.


Apparently puffy jackets are a thing now and I’m just finding out about it via this picture.


*infomercial voice* Looking to spice up your sex life? Into buttplay but never wanted to go for the full fist? Hardies has got you covered with the NEW! mini fist butt plug – great for first timers and doubles as a hair comb. Never fear, Hardies is here! *


Maybe I’m just ignorant or have no real street knowledge, but I don’t really know when or why dirt bikes became big in the hood. I saw the 12 O’Clock Boys trailer a couple years back, and have seen numerous music videos featuring mobs gunning down the road in formation since then, but I’m still clueless. Pretty hyped on it, I wish I could hold a nose manual as long as these dudes hold near-vertical wheelies going 90 MPH.


On the right we have Mr. Spencer Fujimoto, who you might recognize from his part in World Industries Lovechild. He’s also the founder of El Senor – a skate jewelry company. If you ever wanted a gold necklace of a classic picnic table or Animal Chin, this is the guy to go to.


It’s interesting how our bigger shoe brands are really embracing smaller board and hardware companies. There was a post / theory I read on SLAP that was pretty genius – claiming that the shoe companies are supporting smaller upstart board brands because those will flood the hardgoods market, and companies like Crailtap and Dwindle will be distracted and have to focus on their board brands and sales instead of their shoe brands (Lakai / Globe shoes). I don’t think there’s any truth there, but I do enjoy a good conspiracy theory.


Bathroom lines at skate events can sometimes be gnarly. This one wasn’t bad but I remember reading an interview with Jeremy Klein where they went on tour in the 90s and he didn’t shit for a like a week. It got so bad that when he finally went to shit, it got stuck, and he tried to like… help lodge it out with a toothbrush and whatever was around. True story.


To end it off – Tyshawn and his mom! (Shameless self promotion —>) To learn more about this enigmatic 18 year old, Listen to the Tim Podcast where he talked to Tyshawn while he was at Zumiez 100k… to be honest, it’s not the best #pod ever, but it’s got some nuggets here and there. Check it out if you care or ignore and forever hold your peace.

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  1. Butteryass Klonapins

    January 31, 2017 5:20 pm

    Seriously. They have to release at least one run of bolts with the little fists. Or maybe just one fist and you put it on either the front right or front left of your front truck, making you either only do kick flips or only heel flips.

  2. Alphapig

    February 1, 2017 12:20 pm

    Make one as a’ fist and ,..colored just make it flat or do a grind king reissue style for fun
    Seriously not a good article guys?
    If i work hard on my premiere and then read this piece!
    The part with jeremy klein digging in his ass for some petrified shit episode with tooth, Bush and then to look at a picture of his proud mom and tyshawn standing there? Sorry is a little off guys:( its tmi in the worst way and not really on point????
    Come on guys!

  3. Circle to circle

    February 2, 2017 12:16 am

    Puffy coats have been a thing since forever. How are you living in NYC and do not know about puffy coats? Are you not from the East Coast? When in hits October/November, it’s time to break out the puffy coats and Timberlands.

    As for the for dirt bikes in the hood, have you never seen a DMX or Ruff Ryders rap video from the early 2000s? I’m not trying to come off like an ass, but I was reading these captions saying to myself, “Is this guy for real? Does he really not know?”

    • Alphapig

      February 2, 2017 12:38 am

      He better recognize on the real !;)
      They ride motorbikes in the ghetto in group rides to buck law enforcement
      Because its so bard to stop them all wildlin out right
      And no he doesn’t get it i think the writer’s on hard drugs of some sort?

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