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photo: blah blah

photo: mike selsky

What we have here is an all vinyl set, mixed and recorded by Mr. @Olsonstuff himself. No Serato, no Traktor, just a pair of 1200s and the records he has accumulated over the years. Alex held off on passing us a tracklist for this one but I assume there’s enough music nerds out there who are going to ID the entire set.

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Music mixed By: Alex Olson (@Olsonstuff)
Photo: Mike Selsky
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  1. Blaspheme

    November 5, 2014 7:54 pm

    Shit is awesome. Thank you both.

  2. Jonay Grigleah

    November 6, 2014 12:16 am

    Yeah, I enjoyed the mix, but it’s lame there are no artists listed. That’s how music fans discover new bands and, god forbid, buy music which may allow the artist to pay their bills. I don’t get the move, is he afraid someone will steal his DJing gigs?

  3. Pablo

    November 8, 2014 3:31 pm

    Nice tracks alex!! the first track, the rest of funky disco songs and todd terje one, killed it!! This kind of things help to open the ears of new generations! not everything is juicy g and rock!

  4. sno

    January 30, 2015 10:44 pm

    I came here to listen to what ended up being a damn good mix (great job, Alex) and all it took was a quick two finger scroll to be reminded of a harsh reality. It’s depressing, heart-wrenching even, to see where skateboarding is. I have always thought that skateboarding as a culture was built upon a foundation that celebrated creativity and individuality. Yet when individuals emerge, when creativity is apparent, we beat down those who carry the torches and put out their flames. There are so many comments on this mix with the word ‘faggot’ or using ‘gay’ as a slur in them I couldn’t even count. Alex isn’t a homosexual, so maybe he doesn’t take offense because he’s not gay, or maybe it’s easy for him to shrug off that kind of hatred, but its not easy for me. Because I’m gay. And I know the rebuttal to that statement is always ‘it’s a joke’. Why is my sexuality a joke? Why are gay people a joke? Why are we reducing sexual orientations and gender preferences to cheap one-liners that no one even laughs at? And the rebuttal to that, I’m sure, is ‘they’re just words, lighten up.’ But they aren’t just words are they? Words have power. Words are our primary means of communication. If they were just words then why do we tell our friends ‘good job’ when they accomplish something? Why do we tell those we care about ‘I love you’? Why do we get upset when someone doesn’t text us back? We do it because words carry weight. And every time you tell someone they’re a faggot, or you call something ‘gay’ to describe your distaste for it, you are consciously contributing to inequality. You are socially proclaiming (whether you like it or not) that being gay is negative. That homosexuality, or anything deviating for the societal heteronormative standard, is unacceptable. Let me pose a question here; do you guys believe that racial minorities are equal? do you use the word ‘nigger’ to put people down? Because it was not long ago that our society was in the same position it is now (you may recall the Civil Rights Movement). And you cannot say the parallel I have drawn does not match because their correspondence is blatant. I know that chances are the majority of the people commenting on here are privileged straight caucasian males who don’t understand what it’s like to be a minority in any way let alone fathom what it is like to have a word that exists solely as a reminder that you are a second-class citizen. It’s 2015 and I cannot name a single openly gay professional or amateur or sponsored skateboarder (and if you can, then fantastic). And sadly, I know exactly why I cannot name one; because as a whole, skateboarding does not accept homosexuality. This is not deniable, or even negotiable for that matter. Why? Because being silent about something is no better than opposition. And the skateboarding community at large has been silent thus far. And I believe the reason that people can treat homosexuality the way they do, is because they have no faces to attach to it. Now I didn’t set out to be an activist, nor did I intend to write this longwinded comment on a jenkem mix thread. But I’ve just grown tired. I’m tired of feeling like no one is saying anything. I’m tired of the ‘put up or shut up’ mentality that is being taken on gay rights, on human equality. I’m tired of avoiding comment threads so I don’t have to read about how someone’s a faggot or dressed ‘gay’ or does ‘gay tricks’ or used a ‘gay song’ or ‘probably sucks dick’. You cannot dress ‘gay’ because the spectrum of the way a gay person looks differentiates as much as the spectrum of how straight people dress. there are no ‘gay’ tricks because a trick cannot have a sexual orientation and the only way a song could be ‘gay’ is if the lyrics are about having homosexual sex. And there would be nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with someone who likes to suck dick. There is nothing wrong with gay people. There is nothing wrong with being gay, so if you agree, stop making it seem that way. If one person reads this and decides to take a stand, to make a change, then wonderful. I urge you all to really look at what you write. To really hear what you say. To really think about the words that you use. To be a conscious being who promotes equality. Don’t be the person still calling people ‘gay’ when the rest of the world has wised up moved forward. Don’t get left behind because then, the joke will be one you.

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