October 15, 2021/ / MIX SERIES

We haven’t been pumping out the mixes like we used to, but we promise there’s good reasoning behind it.

We’ve always thought of the Mix Series as a way to highlight skaters with tastes we think offer something unique, i.e. not your typical ’90s boom-bap / shred metal contest playlists. Truth be told, sometimes we feel like we’ve exhausted that list, but every now and again someone nudges us about someone we overlooked for the series. Ryan Townley is definitely one of those people.

We’ve been fans of his skate style and his artwork for some time now, but for whatever reason, we just never thought to tap him for a mix. Ryan’s list is a blend of chill yet nuanced picks that are perfect for mellowing out and getting a little introspective. Pop it on while you’re doodling, whipping up a quick meal, or skating your favorite spot solo, and it might inspire you to try something you overlooked before too.

Check it out below and download it here while you can.

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