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If it isn’t obvious, we’ve been on a tip lately exploring other hobbies that parallel skating. We rode bikes with Terry Barentsen and got smoked playing soccer with CSC, two activities that reminded us just how out of shape we are.

This time we took a trip to the top of Manhattan in Washington Heights, AKA the Little Dominican Republic, to meet up with Joel Popoteur, employee at Supreme and long-time skater, and his Dominican-inspired movement he calls “Dominguez Corporation,” a community that hikes, skates and rock climbs together.

With the support of Arc’teryx Joel’s been on a mission to connect New Yorkers through a mutual appreciation of outdoor activities, with rock climbing being the focus. Although we’re not talking about Free Solo level climbing, we were amazed to find how deceptively difficult bouldering a small wall can be.

Check it out as we take a trip through Joey’s world of outdoor climbing, one full of dominoes, burgers and bachata, on some of the oldest existing natural features in Manhattan.

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  1. dope

    April 2, 2024 12:30 pm

    Ive been skating for 20+ years and just got into gym bouldering. It’s helped my fucked up knee get stronger thus improving my skating. Good shit Jenkem

  2. Berto

    April 16, 2024 1:58 pm

    Skated for decades, then spent another decade climbing and mountaineering. They are complementary in many ways. Both require extreme determination and a creative mindset.
    If you progress in climbing, you are putting yourself into situations are very dangerous and success will require a higher level of discipline, mental and physical strength.

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