November 13, 2023/ / VIDEOS/ Comments: 4

Do you want to know the one thing Nicolas Cage fans, Four Loko lovers, and hotdog eating champions have in common? They’re all virgins. Just kidding, it’s actually that they can all get a custom skateboard perfectly matching their niche interests.

Made possible by Skate Shapez, this start up operation by Evan Fitzgerald is offering custom skateboards in all shapes and sizes. I know what you’re thinking, “Finally I can stand out from all these normie popsicle riders,” but you should also be thinking about the opportunity at hand here. Any shape, any graphic. Come on, those rusty wheels in your brain have to be turning.

Seeing that we dabbled in the shaped board space with Evisen back in 2018, we wanted to see how far Skate Shapez can take it, so we caught up with him in LA to get the behind the scenes look at his operation, check out his Portland-core skate van, and even managed to bring the hydrant saga back from the dead with a special shape…

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  1. shunka.thedog

    November 13, 2023 3:10 pm

    must be awesome to be this krafty…also the fire hyrädrant heath kikckflipped over is in la or seattle?

  2. Liam Fitzgerald

    November 13, 2023 6:44 pm

    This guy’s got a lot of dedication. Wonder what he would think if I ordered a board of him from the video, lol

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