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Have you ever wanted to see the Jenkem crew sweat? Maybe been interested in what we look like with our pants off or wanted to see us juggle some balls? Well, today’s the day. We joined OnlyFans!

SIKE. We’re not that desperate yet, but if you want to see all the things described above, PG-rated, check out our latest shenanigan. Soccer with the Chinatown Soccer Club.

The CSC is a longstanding institution of the Lower East Side of Manhattan that’s been meeting over the last twenty years for friendly pickup soccer. The league has been graced by legendary names over the years, like The Gonz, Peter Bici and Peter Sutherland, and is supported by skateboarders, artists, and goodhearted locals.

If there’s one crew that could get us up at 8 a.m., stretch our hamstrings, and run for half an hour, it’s the CSC. Check it out, laugh at us, and listen to skate photographer and league staple Gerhard Stochl and friends explain their roots and what makes them stand apart from the meathead jocks of the world.

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  1. turkeydogs

    February 5, 2024 3:32 pm

    i’ve always felt that football is the one sport that embodies the spirit of skateboarding.

    the barrier of entry is low, there are so many different ways to play, and style is everything.

    good share :)

    joga bonito

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