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Four years ago we duped the YouTube algorithm by premiering a video by Justin Khuu titled “Horny Mom Busts a Phat Tre Flip,” a video that undoubtedly added to our fanbase of weirdos and eccentrics. This video set off our relationship with Hitopp, a Canadian crew that we’ve come to love for great skateboarding, classic CKY delinquent hijinx, and next-level Jeep adventuring.

Since the original release, we’ve continued to build our collab cinematic universe with “Weed is Tight,” and now we’re here to show you their latest and greatest edit, “I Survived 500 Days Filming The Worst Skate Video Ever.” Survived feels like the perfect word to sum this video up too, because for Hitopp as the skating gets better, the slams get worse.

It’s a well-needed reminder to stop taking skateboarding so seriously, bringing us the energy we have greater and greater difficulty finding these days and giving us moments like a snowy goose chase, alleyway boxing bout and even a handstand hillbomb.

If you, like us, already feel like you need a break from the new year demands, resolutions, and rough winter weather, kick back with the homies and toss this shit on.

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  1. Miguel

    January 17, 2024 9:33 am

    That shit was fire cuz

  2. Dumb Fucking Culture Vultures

    January 24, 2024 8:56 pm

    All the images on here styled like Our generation and Imitating us and how we grew up, don’t you have and OWN fucking Identity ?

    You are literally treating US like Dress UP ?

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