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We’re back with another episode of Shop Talk.

Coming fresh off of the Jenkem Vol. 3 release party in Los Angeles, we decided to take our hungover asses over to Pharmacy Boardshop in Hollywood.

The last time we were in LA we were only able to hit a skatepark, but luckily for us, shop managers Kevin Martinez and Spud invited us to stop by Pharmacy’s newest location for the day. They supplied us with some ice-cold beers, fat joints, and plenty of entertaining answers.

If you dig this series and want us to stop by your favorite shop or skatepark and interview the local heads, all you have to do is buy us a plane ticket out there and convince us it’ll be a good time. Fuck it, we’ll probably do it.

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  1. Skatebeer

    February 23, 2023 12:49 pm

    That one homie lookin huge!

  2. cat buts don't drive me nuts

    February 23, 2023 1:00 pm

    dudes cat anuses were agregise. come on buddy.

  3. blockhead

    February 23, 2023 7:41 pm

    i would tell rickk howard to get his bitch-ass on the crail couch.

  4. Vegan McHell

    February 26, 2023 5:16 am

    Kids, don’t get those emo wooden ear things.

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