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We’re back with another episode of Shop Talk.

This time around, we hit the closest place to Tompkins where you can set up a new board and smoke a spliff before a session, the Fucking Awesome store in Manhattan’s East Village (420 East 9th Street New York, NY). As usual, homies were lurking, joints were burning, and shit was talked.

Now that 2023 is in full gear and already kicking our asses, we wanted to hear what the East Village locals had to say about last year’s SOTY race, companies making comebacks, and New Year’s resolutions. Shout out to the Fucking Awesome store and staff for letting us sit around all day in front of their shop grabbing customers.

If you dig this series and want us to stop by your favorite shop or skatepark and interview the local heads, all you have to do is buy us a plane ticket out there and convince us it’ll be a good time. Fuck it, we’ll probably do it.

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  1. Josh

    January 12, 2023 1:25 pm

    Damn! Efron is cuuuuute! Wowza
    I’m in love 💖

  2. moron in the middle

    January 12, 2023 2:30 pm

    More shop talk please.
    bring it to middle america
    zero or die
    + mike tyson

  3. Qamari Starks

    May 22, 2023 1:10 am

    I used to live in the UES on 79th St, skated a couple places up there.

    On 100th St & 1st Ave. There is a school that has this really smooth track with a manny pad at one end and some sorta skateable benches on the other. It’s a good spot for flatground. It is kind of hit or miss because they lock the gate and odd times, but check it out. If that’s locked if you go east on 100th St there is another school at the end of the block that has a decent flatground area. The street down there also has all those jersey barriers that you can do little wallrides on. Not too much traffic down there either.

    Farther south, if you stay as far east as you can, you’ll get to East End Ave. Not really a spot there, but around 83rd St or so East End becomes a pretty good hill bomb. I always like hauling ass down it dodging traffic, trying to make all the lights.

    follow me on instagram @qamaristarks

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