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The world is becoming obsessed with cosplay. It’s gone so much deeper than Comic Con that there’s even a whole festival for grown adults to dress up as ponies.

The easiest thing is to make fun of it all (which we have in the past) but instead of ripping it a new one this time around, we decided to try it ourselves.

Ever since Back To The Future came out in 1985 and introduced us to the original self-lacing shoe, we’ve been waiting for tech to drop. Sure, they’re a complete gimmick, but the fact that you didn’t have to bend over to tie them and could be out the door 30 seconds faster was kinda cool.

For us as skaters, the problem was they were both bulky as hell (like a shittier Skytop) and damn near impossible to find thanks to movie fanatics.

So when Nike released the Adapt BB, the improved (and mid-top) self-lacing shoes we decided to make our Marty McFly dreams a reality and got our friend Taylor Nawrocki to see if the newest version of self-lacing shoes were really any better than the old bulksters. He linked up with “The Doc” (Alex Raspa) to try out of the newest shoe gimmick from the future.

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