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While browsing SLAP a while back we came across a rare upload from the filmer Erik Hatch, featuring a footage dump from the early ’90s contest, Pow Wow at Powell II. In his 50+ minute video, Erik captured super techy runs from young Ray Barbee, Kareem Campbell, Eric Koston, Mike Carroll, Jason Lee, Ed Templeton, and tons more.

We noticed Erik was sitting on a goldmine of b-sides and rough cuts in his YouTube channel, so we reached out to see if he could dig us up something special.

Erik already put out some uploads from Shorty’s Fulfill The Dream era, and after months of sifting through 500+ hours of tapes, he emerged with this fresh batch of totally raw Shorty’s clips. No music or wonky editing effects, just straight nostalgia.

Check it out in the player above and stay tuned in case we get another surprise file drop from Erik. But if you can’t wait, go to his site and binge on more unseen clips until the swelling in your pants goes away.

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  1. Juanita, Alice and Sandee

    September 29, 2022 1:24 am

    Hi, we’re a trio of High School researchers anxious to discover why Caswallon Scott Barrios of the Valley hasn’t been arrested yet. TO WIT, how could he have gotten away, sgot-free, with organizing a team of Russian psychics (operating out of a Murmansk warehouse) to employ *warped mind energy* against our FRIEND Isobel Mlinaric? She had no intention of ever going to prom with David Wright, yet did so *anyway* against all logic and geometry. Here are the facts (ask him about them): Mr Barrios (aka Riker Scott Barber) has been visited by the FBI for harassing the owners of a dive bar in Muskegon. He is also a lower middle class person (hence the Resentment) whose REAL dad is a crooked stained glass salesman living in Lorton, VA. Hardly “polite company” if you know what I mean. What gives him the RIGHT to tyrannize regular folk for going-on 40 years?

    Juanita, Alice & Sandee
    [email protected]

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