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Back in 2016, we launched our “Regulate” series, shot and edited entirely by Austin Bristow around his native London. The series featured a sizeable cast of skaters from episode to episode, and in the five years since then, the “Regulate” alumni have come a long way.

Austin himself has since scored a prominent role as a filmer for Palace and continues to film some of his closest friends (from “Regulate” and elsewhere) for projects for other big brands in skating too.

But as is the case for any filmer who hits the major leagues, the gold Austin has documented goes well beyond what makes it into the final cuts for the official brand projects. So to spice things up a bit, he took some footage he’s accumulated over the last few years while not “working” and put together Portions his first solo semi-somewhat-full-length project.

The cast list is too long and star-studded to single any names out, so you’ll just have to check it out yourself to enjoy the crusty, London-grey goodness.


Give me some basic info about the video. Why is it called “Portions?”
I’ll leave that one open for interpretation… Although Lucien Clarke may be able to answer that one!

It’s all filmed in London over the past three-ish years, I reckon? However, everyone was busy with their own commitments though, like trips, etc. so it slyly ended up taking longer than it should have.

Maybe I was enjoying partying a little too much [laughs]. I wish I tried harder to get out and film, sorry everyone! We kinda just ended up filming a bunch of footage & didn’t really know what it was going to be for, so I guess it eventually just kinda turned into this?

Any backstory to the Tom Penny clip? Did he just appear? Does he always have wild eyes like that whenever you see or talk to him?
Jack Brooks filmed that clip & a bunch of other shit for the video so you’d have to ask him about that one. Safe Brooks! Penny is a big lej though, I met him when he graced Mwadlands a few years ago and he is a lovely bloke!

What are some of your favorite videos or edits in the last couple of years?
I mainly just watch shit that my mates make or that my mates are in. I love Jake Harris’s, [Daniel] Wheatley’s, Lev [Tanju]’s, Peter Sidlauskas, & Tao [Tor Ström]’s videos. Alongside Ben Chadourne & Johnny [Wilson]’s. Roman Gonzales’s edits are banging too!

Would you ever consider filming with a different camera besides the HPX?
HPX is the one I reckon, don’t really see myself switching anytime soon but who knows what everyone will do when the fisheye is done? We use Betacam’s for Palace shit at the moment but they weigh a fucking ton!

Some people online said this was an “unofficial new Palace Edit,” what do you think of that?
Lev Tanju [founder of Palace] still edits all the Palace shit, like Heitor’s recent pro part. I think he edited that like the night before or some shit? I’d prang the fuck out if I even tried. This edit is just all my mates really, we’d film in the day & get mash up at night.

Has skating changed in any way since Brexit?
The scene is still the same in London I reckon, but yeah, from what I’ve heard I think shit has gone up a lot in price? I went to Istanbul on a trip over Christmas and the kids there were saying it cost like 100 quid [~$138 USD] for a deck!

Rank these three things in order of importance for a skate edit: music, fits, tricks.
Music is a big part of a skate video for sure, but at the end of the day, people can wear what they want and do whatever tricks they want as long as they’re happy and having fun. As Juan Saavedra would say, “You do you.”

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