May 23, 2018/ / MIX SERIES/ Comments: 12

Who’s this mysterious Frenchman we’re featuring for our newest Jenkem Mix? None other than the filmer, director, editor, and mastermind behind Purple, the newest Cons video.

If you’ve seen it, you know that all the skating is magnified by Ben’s smooth editing style and romantic yet eclectic taste in music. To complement the release of of the vid, we had Ben send over a mix containing a few songs from the full-length with a few more extras thrown in for good measure.

Peep the tracklist below that was typed up on the same exact typewriter that was used for titles and quotes throughout the video. (Sadly not in Starbucks though!)

Stream Ben’s mix below or download it here.

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  1. fax b

    May 23, 2018 4:02 pm

    best shoe video of the last 10 years.
    fax b.

  2. Dexter

    May 23, 2018 4:03 pm

    Omelette du fromage!

  3. Bikerboy

    May 24, 2018 1:24 pm

    No link to download? These mixes saves my soul on the paperboy routes.

  4. vajce

    May 24, 2018 2:48 pm

    aint that a bill strobeck mix? haha

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