June 14, 2024/ / MIX SERIES

There’s something to be said of the winner’s mindset. We’ve all felt it after picking the fastest checkout lane at the supermarket or opening a stubborn jar of spaghetti sauce. It’s that sweet success, that cheeky pat on the back. Yuto Horigome probably feels this way 24/7.

We couldn’t help but wonder what music is amping the stoic contest killer up, and our only sign until now was a confused reply of “Future” when asked about what he was listening to at Tampa Pro. Of course, Yuto went on to win that contest. Talk about a 2-peat.

Since we enjoy ending these mix talks with suggested listening activity, here’s what this mix of late 90s Japanese pop and last month’s Future drop is good for. Admiring your overflowing trophy case, flicking up with Playboi Carti, or training for the summer Olympics. Yeah, this mix is probably just for Yuto, but enjoy anyway!

Download the mix HERE while you can…

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