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I’m serious, don’t. Make some dinner plans instead. Pick up a good book, illegally download an album, masturbate, or maybe start re-watching The Sopranos. There are a million and one other enjoyable things you can do besides just skating. And, be honest, do you actually want to go skate anyways? Or did you grab your board out of some misplaced sense of obligation to the skateboard brands and magazines that won’t stop shouting: “Skate and Destroy,” “Burn Forever,” and “SkateEveryDamnDay”?

We love chastising each other whenever we choose to do anything that isn’t skateboarding — dating, studying, even working to get enough money to buy a skateboard – yet we also define skateboarding as an expression of absolute freedom…

Take a second to think of all your favorite skate legends, and why you hold them in such high regard. Would you really be as psyched on Tom Penny’s High-5 part as much if he put out three identical parts in the preceding years? I have a friend who loves Danny Renaud, not just for his skating, but because he didn’t give a shit about it enough to stop partying until he fell off a building. Jason Dill filmed a “Day in the Life” consisting of little more than coffee and cigarettes. Heath Kirchart fucking retired to bike and sail the world. Even The Gonz and Daewon Song stepped away from the culture for a few years in the 90s. Many of our skate legends are legends because they take time to immerse themselves in life outside of the skatepark.

As we grow older, we all rely on routines and comfort zones to get us through life, but skateboarding should be a respite from the daily grind, not another pattern to fall into. Some of my family members are gym rats, and they love bragging about waking up at five in the morning to work out, planning elaborately nutritious meals, and charting their progress toward arbitrary #SwollGoals. I never want to think of my skateboarding as a training regimen I have to adhere to, every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M., and I never want to feel obligated to go skateboarding simply because a brand’s marketing scheme tells me I should.

The more time you spend off your board, the more you’ll appreciate the time you spend on it. So, take time to pursue other projects and interests, should the opportunities arise. Skip the session and go to a concert! Learn to paint! Foster another skill or talent for a few weeks or months! Shit, if you really want to, get drunk before noon! I can’t speak for everyone involved, but I have way more fun when I’m scheduling my skateboarding around my life, not scheduling my life around skateboarding, and if my adult life starts to inhibit my ability to go skate for several hours a day, so be it. It’ll only make the time I do get to skate more precious. Appreciate the spontaneity of the craft, how magical it can be when it’s unregimented and unserious.

So if you wanna “Skate or Die” that’s fine, but if you wanna “Skate From Time to Time” that’s cool too. What better way to celebrate skateboarding’s fuck-it-all ethos of freedom than by choosing, sometimes, not to skate?

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  1. 1991chickenfeed/sponsoredfeed2018

    October 17, 2017 4:41 pm

    Fuck yeah Sopranos is beast head. Hmmm this is a complex topic for me. Uhhh. Fuck. Im 32 broke,overedjahmahcated,sadly unsponsored, kinda nutty and I built my own janky park.
    Yall do tha math.
    Pile out and THRASH! ?
    Get something with an engine?
    Listen to Morbid Angel and watch the new full house and cry into your Moxie?
    The possiblites. Wizard c.1989

  2. PH

    October 17, 2017 5:53 pm

    very true, its hard to type on my keyboard now buttons stick

  3. Fuck marketing

    October 17, 2017 7:06 pm

    Remember the “pussy song” theory from The Stoned Age? Is this the equivalent of a “pussy article”? My man: I understand your intentions, but skateboarding is the most important thing in life. I have to skate more to get to the level I want. Keyword here, “want”. Sure I appreciate a chill session where I have no pressure. And sure skateboarding is a toy you play with for fun. Is there a nobler cause in life? I wish all people on earth would be able to skateboard, should they choose to; it means you’re healthy enough, free and with food and shelter covered. I ask you again: is there a nobler cause in life?
    You don’t have to skate. You don’t have to become “better” (than others). But for me, I count my blessings that I can revolve my life around my skateboarding. I’d never get a job if it wasn’t for it. I wouldn’t get laid the few times this has happened in my life, if it wasn’t for skateboarding. I don’t even think I’d be able to finish my studies without it. And I’ve never held a copy of Thrasher in my life.
    You know what Andrew, thanks for putting things in perspective. And you are right, berra is a hypocrite (“never stop hopping fences”, while stating that he is too old to be caught tresspassing-not having obligations and not being able to drive because of his children, but being embarassed to get caught skateboarding as an adult…and this man lives off our money) and Thrasher makes it seem compulsory…but you know what else they say? “Once a skateboarder, always a skateboarder”. It’s going to be there for you whenever you want to play again if you leave it for some time. So many people have done it after all.
    One of the most creative outlets in the history of humankind. You don’t have to go big, you don’t have to go tech, it’s there for you to enjoy it the way you want it, if you trust in your imagination. In the words of Sensei Miyagi: “If picture come from inside…aaaarways right”.

  4. Nico Brillar

    October 17, 2017 9:53 pm

    This is all true and it makes all your gear last longer from the whole shoe to laces to decks.

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