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My fellow readers, what do you know about Manchester, England? If you follow soccer (“football” for the fancy boys across the pond), you might know they’ve got a couple of pretty good teams, if you like Arto Saari or Supreme you might know that the Smiths are from there, or that they have one of the most inventive skate scenes around. And if you didn’t know that before, consider yourself schooled now, because we’ve got proof in the form of a new video we’re proud to premiere: Seven, by Jim Craven.

Jim, who’s filmed for the Heroin Skateboards videos, gives us a great full-length to start off our spring with. Kind of like a European Fancy Lad with more heavy skating and cool animated segways, Seven is a real treat. It’s soundtrack is even as eclectic as it’s skaters’ tricks – Moondog, John Maus, Yamasuke Singers to go along with inconceivable wallrides and tag team combos on seemingly unskateable spots. Enjoy the fun while it lasts, and then go out and make some of your own.


Bonus mini Q & A with the filmmaker, Jim Craven

Is SEVEN your first full length feature?

Yeah, this is my first ever full video. It’s been the goal since picking up a camera, but I always struggled to find the confidence to go through with it. When I moved to Manchester in 2009, there were 4 different full videos being filmed at once. I was always filming, but I never knew what for, I ended up contributing quite a lot of my footage to those videos instead of trying to make something of my own.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.58.06 PM

What finally gave you the confidence to produce something that was purely your own?

After I finished university, I was working as an editor at a corporate production company making training videos for salesmen. It was fucking horrible. Long days, tight deadlines and awful pay. It was in the depths of the English winter and the days get really short, so you would go to work when it was dark, and leave work when it was dark. I started going skating in the city after work – I would head to NOTE skateshop for closing time and then head out with whoever was keen pretty much every evening to film. I filmed solid for about a month and then put out an edit filmed entirely at night called “SOLSTICE” on YouTube. It was the first time I’d ever made something completely independently; not for a brand or with somebody else’s direction, just by myself for myself. The response was so much better than anything I had done previously, which gave me a lot more confidence in my own decisions. It was pretty much the day that edit went online out that I started taking the prospect of a full video seriously, based around the main guys in that edit.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.56.10 PM

You filmed this video with a Panasonic DVX1000b, giving it a very distinct look. Why this camera and what are some differences from using a VX1000?
I think it was the last MiniDV camera any of these companies made before they started with HD. There’s no good reason why I bought one, other than that I liked the way Tom Day’s mate Andy Rayner filmed with one, and he knew somebody else who was selling one. I’m not sure about benefits as opposed to the VX1000 – the main disadvantage is that it’s about twice the weight of one and the fisheyes are very hard to find for a reasonable price. I’m always stoked on the way stuff looks with it though. 


If you’d like to pick up a physical copy of Seven and support the skaters and Jim Craven, check out these shops:

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  1. Jim

    March 10, 2016 4:56 pm

    Kwality. With a kapital K.

  2. The boy with a thorn in his side

    March 11, 2016 12:52 pm

    This video was everything I needed and more. The creativity of the British post industrial north is so above and beyond anything that can be understood by American bourgeoisie.

    • More like the boy with a dick in his ass.

      March 12, 2016 5:18 am

      Please read a few more books, or “texts” as your pseudo intellectual self refers to them as before using two dollar words such as “bourgeoisie” without looking stupid. Skateboarding has been as “proletariat” of a past time as it could possibly be; without of course referring to the obligatory things such as eating dog food sandwiches and working in forced labor camps for not kowtowing to elite. The “bourgeoisie” do not get ticketed, stopped, frisked and even slapped around just for enoying something publically. What you “loved” was the same unorthodox and purposely effortless attempts at simplying skateboarding for no other reason than doing contrary is “played out”, and by that I mean “dangerous”. Why risk your life jumping down steps or hopping handrails anymore when you can just gather a group of your jerkoff hipster friends and shoot “fun footage” instead? Skateboarding has been–and always will be–about pushing the limits. What they’re doing now is what skaters decades ago wouldn’t do not because they couldn’t, but because they wouldn’t. You’re only dickriding Britain because you have no talent or skills or balls to do anything remotely interesting for skateboarding and not because you respect them. Their lack of talent validates your own lack of talent, so my suggestion to you is move to London, cruise for fags, and suck their dicks from sunrise to sundown unless a group of muslim refugees stab you in the kidney and take your wallet. Chump,

  3. william it was really nothing

    March 12, 2016 8:35 am

    Nothing can compare to the thrill of using the the architecture of Northern Britain in a way that our God fearing quasi-racist American cousins could not.

    We like nothing more than to roll our jeans, loosen our trucks, and make sure we varial flip every 4 set with a 3ft run up.

    Music and art is really what marks us apart from the PBR swiggers from across the pond, something some of the commentors here would never be able to comprehend using their drastically under developed brains. This kind of skating is so much more visually stimulating than any of the bombastic rails and big drop skating we see from California.

    As with most modern culutre; America makes it, Britain makes it better.

  4. Mongo Shot Pusher

    March 12, 2016 3:15 pm

    Fuck England fuck your tea and crumpets fuck the queen fuck your baked bean breakfasts and teeth fuck your pedophile inbred monarchy fuck your shit music fuck your rolled up Jean cuffs fuck your bullshit nocomply combos fuck morrisey fuck the cute fuck the Beatles fuck Big Ben fuck your fog fuck your accent fuck the scallywags fuck Winston Churchill fuck your wwII war effort fuck lily Allen fuck your mad cow disease fuck beckham fuck your red buses fuck soccer fuck the spice girls fuck your lost imperial colonies fuck Austin Powers fuck your Telly booths fuck your cobblestone roads fuck your pussy police fuck your cockney fuck your fish and chips fuck cricket fuck your hipster bullshit fuck your entire island. California run this shit. Always has always will.

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