July 11, 2022/ & / VIDEOS

Welcome back to another episode of Shop Talk! This year, to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day, we decided to skip the skating and instead headed over to Vans Space 198 in Brooklyn to bother our neighbors. The team had their doors open in celebration of the day, complete with a DJ spinning a bunch of Wu-Tang and a packed-out park.

The locals we talked to in between spurts of rain had a lot to say about optimal skate video length, dream blunt rotations, and how to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day properly. Turns out there is no wrong way to celebrate – except maybe by sitting in the rain interviewing random people.

If you want us to stop by your favorite shop or skatepark and interview the local heads, all you have to do is buy us a plane ticket and convince us it’ll be a good time. Fuck it, we’ll probably do it.

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