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Most people agree that Los Angeles looks like a boring place. Every high school has a perfect 12 stair handrail and everything is manufactured and inauthentic.

But Satan’s Drano, the only skate hot sauce brand, might change that. Their creator Bob LaSalle just released their first “Lifestyle and Action Sports Video” with the perfect amount of guitar solos, skating into walls, and Mark Gonzales clickbait. This video makes LA look less like a casting call for the new Jonah Hill film and more like a place someone would actually want to be.

After watching countless skaters drop their “Please vote for me for SOTY because I waited until the last week of the year to drop six minutes of footage and a new board brand” parts, it was great to just watch some good friends skating and having too much fun with a toy. Do yourself a favor and end off your year with a big smile: some bonelesses, leather vests, and Omar Hassan acting like an old man.

Q&A with Creator Bob LaSalle

Are you the first hot sauce brand to have released a skate video?
Almost certain, yes.

Your packaging looks pretty wild, you actually sell any of this shit?
Thank you. Yes, we have a pretty dedicated bunch of rad fans that buy our stuff. We anticipate that as more people taste Satan’s Drano, they will become fans too and will learn to look past my photoshop shortcomings.

Why does it feel like Canadians are having the most fun in skateboarding right now and making the USA look like a bunch of stiffs?
Although I enjoy this generalization, I don’t think it’s true. I know a lot of stiff Canadians and a lot of Americans that have too much fun. Perhaps a small handful of Canadians that are good at pretending to have fun could be enough to give one this impression. One thing I have noticed though – over 70% of Americans do openly enjoy having a laugh at the expense of Canadians.

How would you describe the flavors of your hot sauce?
I will let Sophie, our chief financial officer, take this one.

Sophie: First off, we grow the majority of our peppers right here in our garden. This is what sets us apart from almost any other hot sauce out there. You can taste the difference both in freshness and boldness.

In Goat Milk, habanero and pineapple team up to give your taste buds a tropical-fruity inner-tube float down the Riviera Maya. The Vaccine (Booster coming Jan 2022), is all about the verdant, slightly earthy, jalapeño-serrano flavor – mild levels of heat. The flavor concept behind our Minuscule batch series is classic super-hot, with a bit of funk and depth from the fermentation cooking process. We use our super hots in it, and try to let them do all of the talking- think Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Bhut Jolokia. Kind of like Frank’s Red hot on meth. Our Chili Oil’s flavor comes from a deep love of dumplings, and all the condiments they’re traditionally served within different Asian cuisines. It’s got a rich umami vibe from the array of spices, shallots, and garlic that are infused into the oil. The oil is mixed with our dehydrated ground Thai chilies and balanced with salt. We’re always experimenting with new ingredients.

Who do you think would skate better, Satan or God?
Personally, I think I’d likely identify more with Satan’s style, but they’d probably both be pretty dope. I feel like God would be better at flipping his board.

Has Mark Gonzales ever met Mark Gonzales? If so, how was that?
Can you make this happen? Mark would be so hyped.

What inspired you to make this video?
Satan’s Drano is a pandemic joke gone too far. I used to travel a lot and found myself grounded in the Greater LA area with some additional time. Sophie and I turned our yard into a garden and got really into chilis and hot sauce making. Given my new work-from-home schedule, I was able to spend more time embedding myself into the local skate community and was able to build relationships with the coolest/most respected skaters in the area.

Coincidentally, they are also the most talented skaters and some of them even wear leather, spikes and/or denim vests. Chilis, hot sauce, Mark Gonzales, Heavy Metal Chuck, Adam Benson, and PYST Army Kyle inspired me to make this video. Secondarily, I wanted to make friends laugh while creating awareness and demand for our amazing Satan’s hot sauce within the endemic skateboard community.

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