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YouTube is kind of kooky territory for most skateboard content. While it offers an endlessly massive, constantly updated archive of every skate video from Bones Brigade to your homie’s iPhone edit, it also has a proliferation of skateboard vloggers and channels we can’t help but see as questionable, if not altogether wack. There’s no denying their success though.

Their entry-level content is easily digested by even the youngest skaters, giving newbies a welcoming entryway into our picky little subculture. Sometimes they come up with their own clickbait, but sometimes they steal ours. So after seeing one too many of our written articles get revived by rats left and right, we’ve decided to get into the race ourselves.

For our second video essay, we took an old article that raised some eyebrows and started a conversation about one of the wackest tricks known to man. The specific trick in question is one that you’ve definitely seen your local park legend do while flying out of the bowl – the dreaded benihana.

The original piece was written by Nic Dobija-Nootens, and our friend Alex Coles was able to adapt it for Youtube. So if you missed out on reading the article, or you can’t read at all, don’t stress out. Just throw on the video and relax.

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  1. skatebeer

    December 21, 2020 12:38 pm

    Do one on late shuvs. No one talks about those enough.

  2. Otis

    December 21, 2020 1:54 pm

    Brilliant. Late shuvs would be good also. More of these please Jenkem

  3. good work friends

    December 21, 2020 2:14 pm

    v dope

  4. : )

    December 21, 2020 3:42 pm

    benihanas are not even that taboo in skateboarding since ppl tend to do them only on transition.

    i would say that any pressure flips, double flips, triple flips, late shuvs, pop shuv tail grabs, and front foot impossibles are whack and more taboo than benihanas

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