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San Diego is generally devoid of culture. Our art shows are always either skate or surf-inspired. The music we’re known for is stoner rock and Blink 182. And our fashion sense revolves around what you could wear to the beach and out to dinner in the same day.

So when Kyle Geldert sent over this video, most of the office was surprised to learn that they were Encinitas Poods Park kids because it didn’t feel like a typical SoCal video. The group of kids might give off a hint of “cherry” vibes, and that’s probably because of New York OG, Sean Kelling and his new shop Rose Street Skateshop in Encinitas. Rose Street quickly started to support and push east coast influence on this new generation of SD heads.

Now that they’ve dropped their first homie video, the only thing this group is missing is a name. In the North County San Diego tradition, we’ve seen skate posses with names like the No Standards (NS), ESP, Shepdawgs, More for Less, Sk8 Mafia, the Rat Crew and more recently the Mohkie posse.

I guess we’ll just have to call these kids “The Muskas” for now?

Anyways, Musk is a homie video of young kids doing big things. I like to think that we make up for our lack of culture with our insane output of skateboarders (Danny Way, Alf, Kremer, Hensley, Tony Hawk…etc) and Musk is a testament to that.

We hope you enjoy.


Curran Stagg
Cruise Mosberg
Gavin Bottger
Masaki Hongo
Justice Lora
Kyle Geldert
Jake Hofmann
Brennen Babcock
Marcel Polechonski
Jack Glancy
Will Loedel
Wade Berner
Kenny Schmit
Mikey Coffey
Joe Martino
Miles Lawrence
Toby Ryan
Christian Marquardt
Parker Gilliland
Charlie Arrerio
Chase Cruz
James Gaehner
Nick Rapoza
Wesley Banford
Evan Gange
Nick Hall
Nick Suarez
Jordan Thrower
Carlos Barragan
Nic Depies
Noah Fayyazuddin
Jake Braun

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  1. nu-tang

    October 28, 2020 4:07 pm

    kids straight bussin

  2. Kicky Manny Impossible

    October 28, 2020 7:03 pm

    I was not expected.

  3. thanks

    November 28, 2020 1:49 pm

    cool skateboarding and songs. nice!

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