September 22, 2020/ / VIDEOS

If you’ve kept up with the site over the years, then you already know we have a soft spot for skating’s oddballs. From Matt Tomasello and the Fancy Lad crew, to Ali Jusovic and his doggystyle antics, we gravitate toward characters who celebrate being different. As corny and cliche as that may sound, finding skaters who truly break the mold isn’t actually all that common.

So when we got this quirky part from our friend Brick (the mastermind behind the hijinx-heavy Street Urchins series from a while back) we were immediately sold.

Steven and Faller came together for this part that has a bunch of NYC spots you may recognize (and some you may not), but these guys will still likely surprise you with their approach. Just imagine if your goofy friend who really wanted to learn “kickflip body variables” as a kid got really good, developed their own style, and put out a part doing unconventional tricks at a bunch of iconic spots.

This part is an excerpt from Michael Breitmaier’s new full-length “Heirloom,” so if you like what you see, make sure to support Brick and the crew by downloading a copy here or picking up a physical from Theories of Atlantis.

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