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Glitchy visual effects and non sequitur cutscenes (á la Bronze or Matt and Gene) are set to replace 8mm stock footage of pigeons as the primary skate video asset. And as these themes take over, they’re often used lazily and poorly, making videos more annoying than enjoyable.

But Perish; Sagas, a new video out of Winnipeg, Canada, does “datamoshing” justice.

The skating is good (for Canadian teens) and the recurring anime clips, explosions, and experimental green screen editing actually enhance the video’s entertainment value. The special FX wasn’t just slapped on after watching one After Effects tutorial on YouTube; there’s a little more intention and skill behind the visual fuckery.

We also included a mini interview with the filmer/editor/FX weirdo, Dillan Lavallee, to ask him why he was so insistent on mixing non-Hentai anime with skating. Big time anime fans should proceed with caution. Non-virgins can proceed normally.


Which anime would you recommend to a friend who has never watched anything besides Yu Gi Oh and Avatar: The Last Airbender?
Are you fucked? Dragon Ball Z!

Would you ever buy one of those Primitive Dragon Ball-Z boards? You think P-Rod even watches anime?
Nah. I think it was a good business move, though. I doubt that guy really has time for shit.

Why did you mix skateboarding with anime? What was your thought process there?
I spent hours dwelling on thoughts about when I was 7 years old being beat up on the bus. When I was 13 getting called pizza face every other day at school and at 18 having my “friend” make me sleep at a McDonald’s when I was locked out of my house.

To be honest, it took me three revisions and I wasn’t satisfied. I needed to create an atmosphere and have it hold the same aesthetic throughout the video. I’m sick of boring skate videos, I’m sick of lazy editors. What really pisses me off is seeing these big video editors get by on just slapping clips together and not even lining shit up on beat properly. Fuck you guys.

What do you like about anime that American cartoons don’t offer?
More T and A.

Do you remember the first set of cartoon boobs you ever saw? What about a cartoon dick?
When I used to download hentai off Kazaa back in 2007, which gave my dad’s computer a bunch of weird pop-ups which we still never talked about till this day.

How often do you jack it to hentai porn?
When I can’t get off to “step son fucks step mom,” I usually go play anime dress up games. That gets me rock solid.

Do you use Pornhub for that or is there a better site?
Youporn.cum or Newgrounds for dress up games.

Are you for or against tentacle porn?

Does anyone else in the video fuck with anime or are you solo on that one?
Everyone thought it was a bad idea, including me. I’m actually surprised you guys fuck with it.

Skaters In Order Of Appearance:

Erik Penton
Fane Smeall
Micheal Wyspianski
Malcolm Moffatt
Jayson Pavcek
Cole Middleton
Stephen Betts
Andrew Sharples
Josh Laurence
Jaden Seitz
Tyler Penner
Dylan Kuhn
David Beach
Jean Duarte
Kevin Friesen
Mike Mcdermott
Kian Smeall

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    April 8, 2019 4:13 pm

    big companies need to hire younger people into creative roles. otherwise you get “blessed”

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  3. William strobeck

    April 9, 2019 12:56 pm

    My videos are the best because I use slow mo and zoom in on peoples faces.

  4. Brian Bowman the Mayor

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