We were all reminded of our mortality a bit when Tony Hawk turned 50 this year. It’s been how many years since THPS 1? Shit! So luckily for idiots like me who thought the Gonz was already over 50, his birthday today can make you feel young for just a little longer. (JK we’re all doomed.)

In celebration of the Gonz aging as many years as his skateboard is inches long, we want to share with you this remix of his most memorable and defining clips. Edited and expertly skate sound fx dubbed by Memory Screen, the guy who just can’t seem to let skateboarding’s past stay in the past, this video features Olympic-level long jumps, surprise switch flips, and plenty of overlooked bangers (Wallenberg no hands, skate Crocs, and designer jeans).

So kick back and enjoy this delightful edit of the guy who consistently looks like he has the most fun on a skateboard. Gonzo, baby!


  1. dhrleuk

    June 1, 2018 4:27 am

    That clip Mark on Allen, where Gonz is trying to kickflip a bike. Priceless.


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