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Welcome to the latest episode of ~PARTS~, our series where we take a step back and talk about the true foundation of skateboarding. You guessed it; it’s video parts.

Despite how divisive focusing on video parts can be, our PARTS segment is as straightforward as it gets: we get your favorite skaters to rant about vids they hated, loved, wish they had made, could watch on repeat forever, and so on. Essentially, it’s the stuff we all talk about when we’re at the park or sitting at a spot.

For our latest episode, we hit up France’s smoothest export, Lucas Puig, to see what video parts he’s watching when he isn’t surfing, parenting, or synchronized skating with planes.


First part you remember watching?
411VM – “Best of… #4”

First video you bought or downloaded?
Transworld – The Reason

Song in a part you wish you’d used?
Nick Trapasso, Sleepwalk by Santo E Johnny in Toy Machine – Suffer The Joy

The part you can’t stand watching?
His old parts

If you could only watch one part for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
Either Mark Gonzales or Guy Mariano in Blind – Video Days

Best song/skater combo in a part?
Wade Desarmo in DGK – It’s Official

Best video part out of France?
J.B. Gillet in Rodney Mullen vs. Daewon Song: Round 2

Worst part to watch on a date?
Anything by Evan Mock

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  1. Buss boy

    October 29, 2021 2:17 am

    That interview made my bussy wet!

    Lucas is a French stud with beautiful steez. He is an absolute standout.

    Incredible human.

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