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The neighborhoods we’re raised in play a big influence on how we talk, our personality, and even things like our diets. While those may seem like obvious truths, skaters are especially susceptible to becoming products of their environments compared to the average joe.

Skaters will always be more likely to explore nooks and crannies and discover everything their communities have to offer, especially compared to kids who just sit around at home playing video games. You can learn a lot about someone by taking a trip to their original stomping grounds, so we decided to revisit skaters’ old neighborhoods to see what the streets and spots can reveal to us about their early lives and maybe even their current selves.

In this episode, we flew out to California to visit the South Bay, an area just outside Los Angeles, home to Louie Lopez and Ryan Lee.

Initially, we were going to do the video with just these two, but we quickly realized Louie and Ryan’s story can’t be told without Mason Silva, who has been part of the inseparable trio since day one. Together, they all showed us where they got their start and took us to some old parks, cutty spots, and a perfect burrito restaurant.

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  1. Grealo

    March 9, 2023 3:39 pm

    I like these spot insider documentaries! Nice, nice, nice

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