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Another year is wrapping up, and before we kick off another 365 days of new parts, new companies, and new internet beef, we figured it would be fun to make some predictions about what you can possibly expect in the upcoming year.

Some of these predictions are based on actual insights we’ve gotten from smoozing at skate industry events over the last couple of months, and others are pure nonsense, so take these with a grain of salt.

Unfortunately for everyone reading this, the only way to see how well our predictions do is to live through another year. So until then, let us know if your crystal ball or all-seeing eye picked up on something that we missed.

K Skinnys will make a comeback

Baggy pants seem to have hit a peak this year with the popularity of Polar’s Big Boy Jeans, and all signs now point to an incoming resurgence of tight jeans. But hopefully this time around, skinnies and baggies can co-exist in harmony. There was nothing worse than getting the eye roll from a Sid Vicious knockoff at the skate shop for not rocking nut huggers.

The Next Big Brand Will Not Be For Guys

We’re starting to see data that shows skateboarding participation is much closer to parity than most skaters would have predicted. In the coming years a true 50/50 split is not out of the question. And while contests and the Olympics have pushed women’s skateboarding to new levels, there still has yet to be a big skate clothing brand championed by non-traditional skateboarders. The first brand to be the Volcom or Supreme for women by women will be huge.

Someone will do a kickflip at the White House

A skater who goes viral for something most of us think is wack will be invited to meet the President. For a quick press hit, the skater will try to do a kickflip in front of the office. The board will inevitably slip out, hit someone in the shin, and the skater will be looking at some federal prison time.

Someone will be punched in the face

It’s hard to predict when and where this might happen, but what we can say is that skateboarding is due for a good old-fashioned sucker punch. Internet beef is at a healthy high and the laughs from seeing Chico punch Brad Staba are dying out day by day. We can only watch old pixelated YouTube video of an Stevie Williams and Darren Harper hitting each other so many times.

Savier will attempt a comeback

This one might be a bit tricky because the IP might belong to Nike, but if someone with deep enough pockets comes along, they should be able to buy the rights to Savier and start pumping these bad boys out again.

Savier is actually better poised to make a comeback than a lot of the other brands who have attempted it, given that they have some legit heritage figures that are still somewhat active. Staba still runs a board brand, BA is still a fan favorite, and Janoski has the midas touch.

People will start doing tricks on electric skateboards

Over the last year or so, there’s been an onslaught of new e-boarders clogging bike lanes and awkwardly showing up at skate spots in NYC. It’s become so common that eventually we’re going to see an influencer try to kickflip on one, and then it’s off to the races. Someone might even be bold enough to take down a set. But are we ready for GX-style lines up hills? Probably not.

Crack is coming back

We’ve all noticed the Y2k revival that has been happening recently. And while the low-cut jeans, speed shades, and Paul Frank gear looks cool, we have to be ready for the darkest parts of the 2000s to come back too. That’s right, get ready for the crack wave reboot.

We swept skating’s crack era under the rug pretty hard, but will we be able to do it a second time?

Someone will find and attempt a spot bigger than Lyon 25

Things started getting out of hand toward the end of 2022. Just look at Jace DeTomasso’s ollie down the new Miami Leap of Faith as evidence. Tasteful tech and good flow have been front and center for the last five or so years, but 2000 era hammers are fully back, which means someone out there will be on the hunt for a spot that would actually scare Jaws away.

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