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The early 2000s are making a comeback: Baggy pants are en vogue, the Baker crew has been revitalized, and everybody on TikTok thinks that they are the epitome of the indie sleeze.

Chason Trau’s Overload is an ode to that 2000s era of wild skate videos like Illegitimate Bastard Child and CKY2K, and despite the spastic editing, Chason was able to make a cohesive and captivating project that wasn’t dictated by what he thought people would like.

Overload doesn’t follow any of the current trends you see in most videos, i.e. there are no dramatic slow-mo zoom-ins or 16mm B-roll here. Instead, Chason relies on raw skating and an editing style filled with left turns to make his final product.

We decided to run our favorite section of the video featuring Eli Williams, some other homies you might recognize, and an insane cover of “Oops I did it again.” And for the freaks out there you can find the NSFW longer section here.

To figure out more about what the fuck was going on in Chason’s head as he worked on this video, we hit him with a bonus couple of questions.

Q&A W/ Filmer and Editor Chason Trau

Why would you make a 2-hour skate video?
Wasn’t intentional. Just kept giving friends parts and traveling over the years. Put half the video on one sequence a month before the premiere and realized we beat Fully Flared.

Can skaters even focus for that long?
The ones who aren’t too self-absorbed? Probably!

What do you think most mainstream skate videos are missing?
Face, feet, face, feet shots, for sure.

What is your editing process like? Anything you need handy while editing?
All-nighters and Juul pods, mainly. Coffee, mixed drinks, beers, and mushrooms are bonuses. Tried Adderall once but ended up cleaning my house.

Are you a tried and true VX guy, or do you ever film with an HPX?
It’s the best camera for skateboarding and it’s compact. I also use a TRV-20 for greasy situations that need to be filmed quickly. I don’t own an HD camera but I’m open to it. I can Strobeck really, really good.

Did you really get pooped on to film that clip that appears later in the video?
No, the lens took all the heat.

How did that dude shit on command like that?
Poor diet. USA deli wings and Takka vodka. Every day.

Have you ever let someone poop on you in the bedroom?
Nawrl! Poop is funny, not sexy.

Did you have to lurk 4chan for any of these clips?
I filmed the majority of them. I’m not on any chans or subreddits. I got [Justin] Brock’s intro from a random porno page and the execution video off an ISIS site. That one was rough because they made the HD switch as well.

Was there anything you filmed that was too raunchy for the video?
Not yet. One chick threatened to sue me if her clips with the Hiroshi stunt cock were used in my last video, Mallgrabtofakie. She even came to the premiere to confirm it wasn’t in the video.

What was your favorite part about editing this video?
Laughing by myself or with friends in my office. Other than that, nothing. I hated it.

Are you going to show your parents this video?
Absolutely, they can’t wait to see it.

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  1. We are Doomed

    April 23, 2022 2:24 am

    Eli is the man! Hesh tech!

  2. this sucks

    April 23, 2022 8:26 am

    20 seconds in and just gotta say this is trash.

  3. this sucks

    April 23, 2022 8:29 am

    Does this even have people in it, or just feet?

  4. Jeff koppleman

    April 25, 2022 5:26 am

    Nuclear war on the horizon. Get your shredtown grip before shit hits the fan. See it on Instagram @shredtown89.

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