May 3, 2021/ / VIDEOS

Look past the strange man on the cover of this video and take our word for it: Heavy Mayo is top shelf.

Clocking in at 18 minutes, Pass~Port‘s sister brand Hoddle delivers rock solid skating, entertaining pedestrian interactions, and a discreet Jim Greco homage to tickle the hardcore skate nerds.

But you might be surprised to hear the standout of the video isn’t one specific banger or part, it’s actually the filming. Videographer Jonathan Fitzgerald and crew dodge, duck, dip, and dive through the streets of Australia capturing the action tastefully. Seeing how they swerve into various lines at the precise moment is as impressive and exhilarating as some of the tricks themselves. And since everyone just tries to film like Bill Strobeck these days, the fluid line style feels even more memorable.

Among the surge of brands that started in the mid ’10s, Pass~Port continues to surprise us with attention to detail in all their projects and their extended family Hoddle is right there with them. Skateboarding, balls out!

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