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Welcome to the latest episode of ~PARTS~, our series where we take a step back and talk about the true foundation of skateboarding. You guessed it; it’s video parts.

Despite how divisive focusing on video parts can be, our PARTS segment is as straightforward as it gets: we get your favorite skaters to rant about vids they hated, loved, wish they had made, could watch on repeat forever, and so on. Essentially, it’s the stuff we all talk about when we’re at the park or sitting at a spot.

In our latest episode, we hit up Breana Geering to get a glimpse into her skate video nerdom. Breana gives her unfiltered opinions on skate videos in our most candid episode yet.


First part you remember watching?
The Chaz Ortiz Video

First part you were obsessed with?
Elissa Steamer – Welcome To Hell

First video you bought or downloaded?
Real Since Day one

Watch one part for the rest of your life?
Jim Greco – Baker 3

Best recent part?
Alexis Sablone – Seize the Seconds
Dustin Henry – ET & Dustin

Worst video to watch on a date?
The Creature Video

Part with the best fits?
Sean Pablo – Blessed

Part with the worst fits?
Miles Silvas

Best video part out of Canada?
Any Rick McCrank part

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  1. Armin Halvadžić

    August 9, 2021 3:38 pm

    The same way she feels about certain stuff is the same way I feel about her being on Girl while not actually being on that level. But…she is a girl and every team needs a girl these days,so there you go.

    • hate or die

      August 9, 2021 5:02 pm

      focus yourself lmao

      • Armin Halvadžić

        August 9, 2021 6:48 pm

        fuck you and your woke ass. she can talk shit about chaz but I can’t talk shit about her ? where the fuck are we…

    • Smooth Egg

      August 9, 2021 10:03 pm

      Man, you must iron the wrinkles out of your brain every morning. “She doesn’t meet my own personal skill criteria to be a walking advert for a skateboarding company”, why the fuck do you care?

    • Miles Silvas’ Swooshy Pants

      August 10, 2021 12:46 am

      File this under “predictably offended”

    • skatebeer

      August 10, 2021 9:47 am

      I don’t disagree. But apparently skill level isn’t the only factor in determining sponsorship status. The entire goal is to sell product. And right now, it’s this instead of skating ability that sells. Look at Pops part in Fully Flared. And anything from Gino in the last 10 years. Not even close to the most talented dudes, but easily some of my favorite. And the reverse is true. Look at Nyjah. Definitely one of the most skilled skaters ever, but I will never support or buy his product. So while I agree, I also understand the various aspects and perspectives.

      • jkjkjk

        August 16, 2021 6:45 pm

        i wish pops still put out parts i still watch his FFpart often. thankful gino’s sponsors have not fallen off. style matters. progression too.. & sometimes progression means doing simpler tricks with a different perspective like pops. & gino.

  2. the truth

    August 9, 2021 5:04 pm

    best episode yet.
    and you know it

  3. epicene

    August 10, 2021 8:45 am

    God that was refreshing — thank you.

  4. standard, double

    August 10, 2021 3:22 pm

    when she talks shit about people/makes fun of them, it is considered cute and “refreshing”.

    but when someone does it to her, they are an instant dick who should “focus” himself.

    miles might not have the best kit ever, but got damn, look at her and her soggy-ass skating.

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