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Welcome to the second episode of ~PARTS~, our new series where we take a step back and talk about the true foundation of skateboarding. You guessed it; it’s video parts.

Even the newest crop of Instagram skaters eventually take all their clips and edit them into a cohesive video part, because in the end, it’s still the ideal way for a skateboarder to leave a legacy. Video parts are how skaters create their mystique, showcase their approaches, and garner long-term attention and demand.

Despite how divisive focusing on video parts can be, our PARTS segment is as straightforward as it gets: we get your favorite skaters to rant about vids they hated, loved, wish they had made, could watch on repeat forever, and so on.

Essentially, it’s the stuff we all talk about when we’re at the park or sitting at a spot. Now, instead of talking shit about actual video parts, you’ll be able to talk shit about the video parts that someone else picked out.

In our latest episode, we reached out to Marisa Dal Santo. We figured that if she was able to film a part in 2009 that still has a cult following, that she must have a pretty good taste in videos – but you’ll have to be the judge of that.


First part you remember watching?
Bam Margera – Jump Off a Building

First part you were obsessed with?
Jim Greco – Misled Youth

One part on a deserted island?
Ali Boulala – Sorry or Eric Koston – Chomp on This

The part you can’t stand watching?
All of the transition parts

Part with a song you wish you’d used?
Corey Duffel – Beautiful Breakdown

Favorite recent part?
Rowan Zorilla – Blessed

Best song and skate combo
Jim Greco – Baker 2G

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    March 22, 2023 12:20 am

    Perfect statements. Marisa is The GOAT.

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