January 16, 2020/ Isaac Eteminan/ VIDEOS/ Comments: 8

For some reason, skateboarders are drawn to nonsensical, slangy words. Maybe it’s because we have a history coming up with goofy trick names. Maybe it’s because we idolize childhood. Or maybe it’s just because we’re not all there, mentally.

Whatever the cause, we’re excited to show off the San Diego crew known as Mohkie. Much like Jenkem itself, Mohkie is a style of getting blazed that only skateboarders would be dumb enough to try.

This video is the product of a month-long European tour with phenomenal skating and $10 massages on the beach in Barcelona. Isaac Eteminan, the filmer and editor, realized the footage was too good to save for their next full-length and decided to put it out with some of the best editing and lo-fi special effects we’ve seen in a while. Like if a leprechaun learned After Effects, but with 2x more hijinx.

As Isaac said: “We’re in the streets. We’re not in a gym. There’s so much shit going on around us it would just be stupid to not integrate the environment and people into it. You kind of experience the whole trip that way.”

So to honor the Mohkie crew, fill your bong up with a 40oz, pack the bowl with lint, and prepare to get smacked.


Koby Dvorak
Sage Brittain
Dane Emerson
Connor Douglas
Dane Barry
Mario Cano
Jeff Gatto
James Humphry
Max Pruitt
Jonathan Franc

photo: deparis yearbook

photo: james humphry

photo: james humphry

photo: james humphry

photo: james humphry

photo: james humphry

photo: james humphry

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  1. bob burnquist

    January 17, 2020 3:42 pm

    literally every human being in Australia smokes their weed with tobacco in a bong. we call it ‘smoking bongs’

  2. Mike Mee

    January 17, 2020 6:12 pm

    This shit is so awesome! Way to kill it guys

  3. Perkins

    September 20, 2020 12:24 am

    Y’all left me out mutha truckas

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