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Around this time of the year, everyone tries to shed their weight and start fresh for the new year. Nestor is no different. What you’re about to watch is a lil’ breezy part – a collection of skating Nestor Judkins filmed over the last months that he wanted to craft and get out before the new year. It isn’t some multi-year big video venture, but the sort of skating that looks like it actually feels good. Some skaters look like they’re in therapy while they skate, others make it look like a ballet routine, but Nestor slides around with a lightness and ease that we all wish we had a little bit more of in 2020. Happy New Year everyone!

And if you’re curious about some back story on the part, here’s some words Nestor sent to accompany the part at 3:00am. Unsure if he was wasted or not, but you get the point:

“Not too much of a back story, just skating, no planning. I had this footy sitting on several different filmers’ hard drives collecting dust and I asked Louie he was down to make it into an enjoi part to come out before the end of the year.

I’ve never had a part come out that wasn’t in a skate video so I felt a weird realization that for me there’s a lack of motivation/sense of timing on how to film a part without a video to work toward. It strangely made me wanna just get this one out and over with and move on to the next one. If someone likes my skating they should be able to see this part rather than not. I felt it showed the kind of skating I find fun and I had fun making it. It was not a serious part at all, not that I’ve ever really filmed a serious part anyways.

Personally I think there’s a irony to the seriousness of internet stand alone parts, about how much effort goes into them and how easily we consume them and move on to the next in the queue. Also, I think videos or promos benefit pro skaters more since it connects us to a shared team identity or makes us part of something bigger than ourselves, but that’s a whole other story…So I said screw it let’s put in on YouTube, that’s where it all ends up anyways…”

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  1. Anton

    December 30, 2019 1:31 pm

    Broderick, the song is Lucretia My Reflection by The Sisters Of Mercy. From the album Floodland.

  2. Rob

    January 27, 2020 12:24 am

    RIP Ben :(

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